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3" Performance Downpipe Catless / Catted

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High Flow Downpipes we use G-Sport 300 Cell High Flow Cats which perform like 200 Cell without the smell, G-Sport Technology cost us more than Flow Master and Magnaflow, but results in a better product for you. G-Sport information at bottom of listing. Cats Rated for 500whp. G-Sport High cat's are the golden standard in high flow cats, they are completely safe to use with our pop tunes and other tuners pop tunes which do not shoot flames. 
Custom made/engineered in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 by N75 Motorsports
N75 Motorsports is dedicated to Canadian Development and manufacturing 🇨🇦
Please note: Custom made to order 4-6 Week Wait after Order - We cannot cancel orders after placed as these are custom made to order.


2017-2020 Hyundai Elantra Sport

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport

2019-2020 Hyundai Elantra GT N Line

2020-Current Kia Forte GT

2020-Current Kia Forte5

2019-2020 Hyundai Veloster Turbo 

We have taken a lot of time and effort into building the best downpipe for the 1.6T Chassis while still being affordable, We did this by offering you options at a discount, wrapped and unwrapped/ and Custom Catted Available / ARP hardware at a huge discount. We use CAD Laser Cut Downpipe Flanges and the best fabrication materials available. Simply put our downpipe is arguably the best 1.6T downpipe available on the market. We no longer sell AFE Downpipes as we truly believe this far better product at much lower price.

After months of R&D we found some Downpipes stresses the flex pipe, we added a small bend to Downpipe, following OEM fitment. This results in better flow, a better fit and less issues down the road.  No flange overheating, no cooking of the pipe, one consistent weld, full back purge, no filling gaps with filler, we even followed the OEM downpipe and added a slight Bend after the flex pipe, so it does not stress the studs off the turbo. 

We offer lifetime warranty against workmanship failure to the original owner.

We use 304 Stainless Steel with 308L filler, we then use professional fabrication components, and a CNC Laser cut Turbo Flange. The best o2 Sensor fouler on the market, and the result is NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.  

Also after months of R&D we found a full 3" with step downpipe was too much, a step down from 3" to 2.5" with a very smooth transition was required. This allows the use of a 3" Exhaust while still keeping the necessary backpressure needed for peak performance, even with a stuffed turbo.

We use DEI Heat Wrap for our Exhaust wraps and then spray it with DEI Wrap Spray to prevent damage to the pipe. This will keep IAT down, and engine bay temps down significantly, we highly recommend this for anyone who is all about extracting every inch of extra performance like we are. The downpipe comes prewrapped by our fabricator.

We give you the option of ARP Hardware at a discount which we highly recommend with a downpipe, we have seen OEM hardware shear right off the turbo. ARP Hardware prevents this from ever happening
If you are looking into heat wrapping, look into our Extreme Tube Wrap and Hose Cover which is also a thermal shield which helps bring down IAT and under hood temps significantly for a fraction of the price of performance upgrade part, in our Engine Section.  
We thought of everything with this downpipe, give you options to customize a pipe to your needs! Please understand these are Custom made to Order Downpipes, We require typically 1-2 weeks before item ships. Because Pipe are custom made, We cannot cancel a placed order ONCE the Downpipe has started production. IF such a case was to arise where you wish to cancel once pipe is in production, a restocking fee applies.
Why G-Sport?



Typical catalytic converters include ceramic substrates that have a higher rate of cracking, degradation or cause too much back pressure in vehicle exhausts. G-Sport Emissions Systems High Performance GEN1 Catalytic Converters are designed with a 304 stainless steel substrate for added durability. The substrate is then lined with nickel strips, and furnace-brazed to provide a solid bond throughout the core and to its mantle. This process, and our ‘Double-Lock’ transition cone application, ensure the core will not telescope or fail in high performance environments.

For best emissions control capabilities without performance degradation, G-Sport designed our high flow GEN1 Catalytic Converters with 300 cells per square inch (CPSI). Our advanced substrate design, combined with our proprietary wash coat nano-technology, ensures the highest level of emissions reduction with comparable flow rates of similar 200 CPSI converters on the market.

 This is the best High-flow cat available on the market, it performs like a 200 cell yet meets all OEM emissions standards. This means our catted Downpipe will not smell at all, we don't even need an 02 Fouler, that's how good this cat is.

MADE IN CANADA / ENGINEERED IN CANADA  - Installation in the Ottawa Area is Available for $99+Tax!

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