Bluetooth Professional Datalogger DTC Check and Clear

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Autel 200 is and advanced DTC Cleaner and Reader. This product can also data log your car with the absolute best quality available in this price range. This Tool is good enough for personal logging even for tune logging.

Works with Android and iPhone!

Works on all makes and models not just Hyundai/Kia

This product can also clear faults properly and scan faults. 

It works with Android with Bluetooth, works with Torque Pro, provides better logging. PC Software is free download, registration is in product. Works with Track Addict. 

Great product we highly recommend for the average user. 

 Great for the hard to get data! 

This product is used with our car computer for logging features, this dongle has a high speed refresh rate and quality logs. We highly recommend this product to everyone, we see this as a wrench for a car. If you own a wrench or tools to work on your car? Not owning this makes no sense in our opinion. 


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Brian L.

Works great connecting Bluetooth to phone. Use the app on your phone and has LOTS of good info. visible to you about your car. Fast shipping, always packaged nicely, great company !!!