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MPVI2+ Datalogger / Tuning Tool

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This is without question the most power OBD2 Tool Ever made! With not only the best logging available on the market, but the able to read/write/edit your ECU File extremely well on MANY Vehicles From many different Brands, From Hyundai to VW to Ford to Toyota to Mercedes, This tool covers a wide range of vehicles, and works for logging on ANY vehicle!

This is what we use to log our car to make our tunes. It is without question the fastest/best logger available, and that is why we use it.


HP Tuners MPVI2 is the most Powerful datalogger available on the market! Get Professional style logs! Also has features like Track Addict which allow OBD video overlay for Track days!


MPVI2 Is also capable of tuning the 1st gen Veloster Turbo with the addition of 4 credits (Credits can be purchased from HP Tuners Directly for $49.99 USD Per Credit)

We offer tuning add Credits as well. You can send us your map, and have us set it up for you! Sent us your logs and file and we will send you a tuned map!

N75 Credits are $499 PER ECU File, This is included with the N75 Credits Package and MPVI2. Credits can be purchased in the future if you are having issues tuning yourself.


Comes with USB Cord / USB Drive with Software (1gig) For Saving your Tune / Lanyard / MPVI2 Tool itself