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BBK 320mm Rotors Dual Piston Calipers Brake Upgrade Kit (OEM Fitment)

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SS Lines In Stock

This is a special order. We require 1-3 weeks to ship this kit, depending on which Rotors are selected. Stoptech takes the longest. 

Pictured is our test car with 18" Wheels, even the appearance of these brakes suits the vehicle better, let alone the added performance. We highly suggest this kit for anyone who is tuned by us on a 91 octane Tune. These cars are fast enough tuned to require a brake upgrade, Full Bolt-on, no question this is required in our opinion. We plan to use this kit for our test car on the track, with SS Brake Lines / Stoptech Rotors and Motul Brake fluid.

This kit is for the ES/Forte/VT2/NLine/EGTS, OEM rotor size is 305mm, these rotors are 320mm and come with dual piston calipers with much larger brake pads for added stopping performance! 

We used a Dragy on our test car and found 22% Increase in stopping power from 120MPH to Zero! More than enough to make our head of R&D very happy, esspecially at this price point, and OEM wheel size without the need of any spacers!

This kit is meant for the occasional Track Day user, Autocross user, or someone with a FBO Tuned Car who needs more stopping power without having to upgrade wheel size or run any spacers at all!

This kit includes Ceramic Pads / Premium Rotors and Freshly rebuild Calipers that look brand new! It also comes with Motul RBF 600 DOT 4 Brake fluid! 

Dollar for Dollar this is the Best brake upgrade available! 

Why did We did we work so hard on a kit for OEM wheels without spacers? Well simple, the need for better stopping power without spending a fortune on aftermarket wheels and then a BBK was needed! Our cars FBO make 250whp, they run high 13s in the 1/4 mile and trap over 100mph, this is NOT a slow car, however the brakes are ment for a 15s car that traps 89mph. A better brake package is needed without the need to spend a fortune on wheels and the BBK itself. 


Comes with Brand new calipers.

Raybestos Premium Brake Rotors

Raybestos Premium Brake Pads

Raybestos Ultra High Performance Brake Rotors

Raybestos Ultra High Performance Brake Rotors 

With the availalble option to addon SS Brake lines and Motul RBF Brake Fluid at a discount.


Stoptech Slotted Rotors

Motul Brake Fluid

With the option for SS brake lines.

All options are discounted from regular retail pricing. 

This setup provides fantastic improved braking performance, the Rotors are not only bigger but thicker with more cooling fins, the pads are far larger and the dual piston calipers are a huge improvement from OEM. This kit is almost a must for a FBO ES/VT2/EGTS/NLine. Remember FBO these cars are making 250whp, the car Dynos 170WHP stock, and that's what the brakes are designed for. This kit is also Trackable, with Stoptech Slotted Rotors and Hawk Performance Brake Pads, add Motul RBF Brake Fluid to the mix and this kit is more than enough for the Track. In our opinion a CTSV BBK kit is only needed if you are dedicating your vehicle to the Track. Unfortunately the CTSV BBK forced wheel spacers or odd sized wheels which rub with lowering springs. This is more daily usable kit than CTSV. PLEASE NOTE: 17" Rims are minimum requirement, odd ET might not fit. We can guarantee all 18" wheels fit without issue or need of spacers.

Slotted Rotors are Stoptech