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Kia Forte GT [K3] Shifter Paddle Extension

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3M Double-sided-tape, clean paddles with alcohol swap before installation. 

No logos for a clean look.

Paddles are weighted for an added "click" like feel, similar to a weighted shifter knob.

 Made from billet aluminum 






2020 Kia Forte GT and up

2018 Kia K3 and up

2020 Kia Forte5 and up

2018 Kia Sorento 

Various other Kia's using the same shifter paddles

Customer Reviews

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Awesome customer service and Products

Robert Brown
It's alright

I like the metal. It does give that clicky feeling. But when you push on it by itself without actually pushing the paddle shifter it doesn't give that click. You have to push the center of the paddle shifter itself for it to work. I thought the extenders were to make it a little easier to access the paddle shifter by pushing the top of it or the bottom of it. But other than that, great design. It gives that sporty look and that's all I was honestly after. Great job in N75 👍🏼

Kris cott

Great paddles, solid aluminum. Feel great adds s nice click to shifts

Tim Fuke
They're pretty good

The part quality is fantastic, I have no complaints about the paddles quality.

I had minor fitment issues in that the pockets for the shifters seem to not be deep enough for a flush fit to the driver facing side of the OEM shifters. It's maybe .5mm but it is noticable, though it may be down to the way I installed them.

Overall, would recommend.

Hey Tim,
sometimes 2 pieces of double sides tape get stuck together making it thicker, if the 3M pad was very thick this was likely the cause, in any event, if you have any issues with fitment, feel free to contact us at sales@n75motorsports.ca we will be glad to help you out!

Darrell Hunt
paddle shifter ext.

Really nice , have been waiting for those !!! 2021 forte gt ltd. LOOK AWESOME!!!