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N-Tuner N77 Car Computer (ECU Flash Tool and N72 Editor Pro-Set) ECU / Read - Edit - Write - Drive

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N-Tuner Replaces our "Own Flash Tool Kits" N-Tuner brings this flash system into the 21st century!

Please understand this is a complete flashing/editing hardware/software system, everything you need is included, you do not need a laptop or anything additional from N-Tuner


Never buy another tune again, edit your own tune!

Make your own pop tunes, showtunes, and more!

Base Maps are required from us without Pro-Tools

 Our new update flashes 1.6T ECUs in under 1 minute!

We spent a lot of time turning tuning language into maps you can understand, for example AFR, in tuning terms this is Lambda, however to make it easier for the end user we have converted these maps to traditional AFR.



N-Tuner is a Windows 10 tablet. Tablet use for the car,  128GB Storage (Unlimited Tune storage) with logging features and ECU Reading and writing features.



This product is designed for the extreme enthusiast in mind, the one with the Datazap profile, you stuffed turbo guys, big turbo guys, or guys who plan on going stuffed turbo in the future. If you add tuning to this, you will never need to buy another tune for your car. This product requires and internet connection for ECU Flashing, tethering your phone works perfectly, even in remote areas, very little data is needed, mainly for a license check. Make no mistake about it we're well aware about the price of this product however it is targeted towards the extreme enthusiast, the one who wants to do things that cannot with the current tuning solutions available. 

 New update now flashes 2017-2020 Elantra Sport, GT Sport, GT N Line, with ECU Flash times under 1 minute! The fastest tool to write to these Kefico ECUs.

 Developed in Canada By N75 Motorsports powered by Intel, Microsoft, PCMFlash, OBDLINK, TunerPro, Tactrix and WinOLS5. 

If you already own our PCMFlash kit, use code "PCMFLASH" at checkout for discount on the device and we will not send you PCMFlash hardware.

N-Tuner XDF files is what makes it such a powerful tool.

When adding 3 custom tunes, we send you 3 tunes to your liking and we provide you with XDF files for TunerPro which is pre-installed on the device, and after we receive your file we send you a matching XDF which allows you to control boost, timing and AFR! For the first time Hyundai / Kia owners will be able to self tune Timing, Boost, AFR, Idle RPM, LC Setting and more and all supported cars, not just VT1 like HP Tuners! This only comes when buying adding 3 tunes. Select where you want Launch Control, everything is included! We call this system N72, our device is called N77. Together they are the most powerful ECU tools available on the KDM market. You can even modify files from other tuners! (Again file editing is limited by us, and detailed instructions are given on each map, and how it interacts with your engine, yet we also put it in layman's terms) However you may upgrade to Pro!

Note: our tune is required for N-Tuner ECU Editing, you may also edit other tuners tunes as well. However we do not give you all maps required for tuning, we give you maps required for fine tuning. Giving you all maps would not be safe, in our opinion the amount of maps we give you already if used incorrectly can be extremely unsafe. Please follow our instructions on each map. N-Tuner has a folder with a Document file for each map and how interacts with your engine. Please read each document before modifying the map.

What is an  XDF? What is TunerPro?

A xdf file can be interpreted as the table of contents to a book. Basically TunerPro is relatively low cost ECU editing software which requires XDF files made in WinOLS, and together it generates maps you can edit. We limit which maps can be edited, as some maps do not need editing for fine tuning, others if modified incorrectly can result in engine damage, so we do not give you those. We do not give you safeties are anything like that, we give you basic timing maps, turbo charger maps, AFR maps, and more. We then provide you with instructions on how to edit them correctly. Seen above is an N72 XDF with 30 maps, more than enough for fine tuning. N-Tuner is basically a professional editing tools with Pro N72 Toolset. If Pro-Set is added tuning becomes very advanced, we do not recommend this for the average user, even advanced users may have issues. 

With 3D graphs to make understanding mapping easier.

Please note: Your XDF file will only work on your car. N-Tuner will be able to read and write files off your friends cars, however Editing support is for only the one who buys N-Tuner. Your friend can buy XDF support and tune support, please contact us for this service.

Please Note: We suggest a battery test, or new battery with this product, flashing the car on the battery for a few minutes is doable, however a newer or a strong battery is needed. A battery test can determine if a new battery is needed.  A charger is recommended. 

N77 has a 6-7 Hour battery life, keeping more than enough power whenever you need it. It boots up in seconds and comes with a mount for your dash. Yet small enough to keep in your glovebox! This is a Tablet Laptop, with a detectable Tablet surface and Keyboard for file editing in the comfort of your own home!


 We can supply you with different pop tunes or even different octane tunes whatever you want! We will send you a tune revision off your datalog.

 How Professional is N-Tuner?

N-Tuner believe it or not, it similar to some tuners setup in our community, TunerPro is a great tool, however it is only as good as its xdf file, with a strong xdf file, N-Tuner it's just as good as the most professional tuning tool. 

We provide you with xdf files and instructions which allow you to use our maps and modify them to an extent. We do not give you all maps required for tuning. More than what you need is given, however we try to limit the amount of maps as we don't want people to damage their engine. Yet, you must understand that you are manipulating the ECU file in your car with this product. We take no responsibility for any engine damage due to tuning from N-Tuner.

Patch harness vehicles now in development!

What is a Patch Harness?

A patch harness is needed for the Kefico CPEGD 2.20.3 ECU, this harness needs to be hardwired into the car with the provided instructions and pictures on N-Tuner. The Patch Harness allow us to read and write the Veloster Turbo 2 / Kia Forte GT ECU in about 2 minutes. This harness is provided with N-Tuner.



This tool is not VIN locked and can be used on all your friends cars, you can flash not only your own, but your friends as well. All they need to do is order a tune from us with this product, you can flash their ECU! This makes resale of this product much easier. 


N-Tuned N77 ECU Flash Tool/Editor is an open-source Windows 10 Device. Any tuner can tune on this device, this was our goal. This is a 10" Touchscreen which mounts on your dashboard. It has a rear facing camera for track use or dash cam use. This is more than just a tuner, this is a Car PC, with WIFI, Bluetooth and G-Force Monitors. It has a 1080P display, with full HD Video playback, it is far more than just a ECU tool, it's a full car computer. Magnets are included for mounting over OEM infotainment system.

Kit comes with 10" Windows Tablet/Laptop. The keyboard is detachable, a compact keyboard is supplied for use in car. SD card is included. Our tablet has tons of storage and unbelievable battery life. 


N77 Works on the following ECUs

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T / 3.3L (BK1/BK2)

Hyundai Sonata Turbo

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 1

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2 (Patch harness required)

Hyundai Elantra Sport

Hyundai Elantra GT Sport

Hyundai Elantra GT N Line

Kia Forte GT (Patch harness needed)

Kia Forte Turbo

Kia Optima Turbo 

TCU Support current only Kia Stinger, however Hyundai Elantra Sport / Hyundai Elantra GT Sport/N Line DCT is in development. 


This device has datalogging software, with the addition of OBDLINK for datalogging and track use, Track addict is a great video overlay tool, N77 has a rear facing camera and can be used on the track. This camera can also be used as a dash cam, with 128GB of internal storage and additional SD card. Furthermore external camera's are now easily and added option with a Windows/Intel platform, lots of storage and SD Card extra? N-Tuner is more than just a tuning and writing tool. 


Review your logs live at the track, figure out where you need to improve! Let N-Tuner do the work! For the first time you can data log and display those logs with the same device!


Our goal with this project was to create a system which incorporates more than just ECU tuning, datalogging, log reviewing, Track camera use, video playback in 1080P and far more. Hence why we are calling it a car computer. 


This product REQUIRES you to register with us at tunes@n75motorsports.ca with your order number after ordering. The reason for this is software updates. We can supply you with updated software as it comes out and also we provide installation instructions when you tell us your vehicle. 

Bosch MEDG17.9.8 /MEG17.9.21/MG7.9.2/ME(G)17.9.21   Support (Hyundai Veloster Turbo 1 / Kia Forte Turbo )

Kefico CPEGD 2.20.1 / 20.3 / 20.4 /CPEGDSH2.24.1 / 2.26.1  Support (Elantra Sport / Elantra GT Sport / Veloster Turbo 2 / Forte GT)

SIM2K-140 /141 /141.1 / 142 / 143 / 341 (Genesis Coupe 2.0T)

SIM2K-240 / 241 / 242 / 245 Hyundai Sonata Turbo / Kia Optima Turbo / 250 (250 is currently in development/ 250) (Veloster N)

Delphi MT38 / MT86 (Genesis Coupe V6)


TCU Support

CPTSH2.08.2/CPTSH2.08.2 Gearbox (SH72544/TCU) (Stinger TCU)

SIM2K-24x (TC1738/TCU)

SIM2K-305 Gearbox (Elantra Sport) (TC1782/TCU) /in development!

 When ordering we provide you with the correct protocol for your vehicle, however because this product is designed to be used in the future, you may upgrade the protocol at a low cost. We use trusted ECU flash software which we have been using for years for remote tuning, this tool always has new vehicles and updates, this will carry on to your N-Tuned device. The best part? No additional ECUs needed, and this system can be removed from the vehicle with next to no detection. 


What is Patch Harness?

A patch harness is needed for the VT2/Kia Forte GT, this means wiring in 5 wires, 2 12+, 1 12-, and 2 additional CAN wires. This allows N-Tuner to flash the VT2/Forte GT ECU in 2 minutes. This harness has a on and off switch which is needs to be accessed by the user when writing the file. We are testing a system with only 2 wires added. 


 N75 Motorsports takes no responsibility for engine damaged caused by this product, please understand this is a professional ECU Editing tool, it is very easy to edit a map incorrectly and cause engine damage. We provide you with detailed instructions on how each maps works and how to modify maps without our Pro-Set, our Pro-Set has too many maps for us to give detailed instructions on how to modify each one. Again, this is a product for the 1% of KDM owners, the ones who want a system like this however it just does not exist. N-Tuner fills this void in the KDM world!


Please Note: File editing does NOT work with EK1 Pro Device. EK1 Pro uses encrypted files which cannot be edited by any tuning software. 

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