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The Hyundai Gamma 1.6 engine is a reliable power house with the added turbo option which can take the vehicle to a higher bench mark providing better efficiency and output power.

The Red Bullet VVTI solenoid is able to push that performance envelope even further with the simplicity of a plug and play installation with no compromise on other power systems.

For the Gamma 1.6 and 1.6 T engine you can install up to 2 solenoids for stacked performance and also have the option of starting with one and upgrade your ride progressively.

The Gamma 1.6 and 1.6 T can be found in the following vehicles:









Our mission at MaxJen International is to introduce the Red Bullet VFT-i Solenoid to car owners around the world. The Red Bullet VVT-i Solenoid was developed after years of extensive research and development. Manufactured today under the highest industry standards and marketed in Taiwan since 2016, its benefits are now available world wide.

The MaxJen Red Bullet VVT-i Solenoid adjusts intake valve and exhaust valve timing in a way that increases your engine's power range while at the same time allowing for greater fuel economy. The Red Bullet is engineered to provide a wider power band. 

Having a more powerful solenoid with larger ports than the OEM solenoid, MaxJen's Red Bullet provides quicker actuating and modulation of oil flow. With more power available at a lower rpm and throughout the entire rev range, the engine can now operate at a slower speed once cruise speed is achieved thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

With the Red Bullet VVT-i Solenoid you hold the key to unlocking the true potential of your engine. 




We discovered a 20+ year old technology that no one else has really researched: Variable Valve Timing. Everyone knows that VVT was invented and implemented to create more power at lower rpms for smaller displacement motors. What shocked us was that the system was inefficient and the culprit was the solenoid making the engine mechanically inefficient. We found that by making a better solenoid, we can make the engine more mechanically efficient thus unlocking the factory detuned power! There is currently no other single modification that can do what Red Bullet Solenoid does in the market to our knowledge.


WHAT is Red Bullet VVT Solenoid?

Red Bullet (RB) Solenoid is an innovative product that enhances the engine of just about any car that has Variable Valve Timing (VVT) using oil pressure. It is a plug and play unit that is otherwise known as the Oil Control Valve. Some cars have a solenoid for just the intake VVT, other 4 cylinder engines may have both the intake and exhaust solenoids, while V6 and V8 engines may have up to 4 solenoids.

The solenoid consists of parts as described below:

The solenoid controls how much and how fast the oil is passed through and into the cam phasers to control the cam advancement or retardation as dictated by the Engine Control Module (ECM) or the computer. The solenoid is a slave unit that only functions within the parameter set forth by the ECM, so there is no way to go beyond the set cam advancement or retardation without having a Check Engine Light (CEL) light up in the dash. The only way to advance or retard the timing is by a tune, so if anyone says that they can advance the cam timing through a solenoid, it is definitely BS!


HOW does Red Bullet Solenoid work?

Red Bullet Solenoid works by making it possible for the oil pressure dictated by the ECM to reach faster and hold it better. By having the set oil pressure reach faster, the cam advancement is reached faster, making it possible for the valve timing to be more precise. This translates into a more mechanically efficient engine that can now rev faster and create a more complete and powerful combustion cycle.

So, by having a more complete and powerful combustion cycle, the power that was detuned by the factory can be regained. A 4 cylinder engine can see a modest gain in power of 10 hp and 8 torque while bigger displacement, more cylinder engines will see much more gains as seen in our Dyno results on our product pages.

With that said, we would like to really get away from the horsepower numbers game here because truthfully, horsepower and torque gains are not everything. Most people wouldn't be able to tell a 10 horsepower and 10 torque gain because the numbers do not translate directly to how the car feels.

The most important enhancement that RB Solenoid provides its customers is how the power gains are translated to the ground and how much more enjoyable the vehicle becomes to drive.

After installing Red bullet Solenoids in their cars, most customers will notice a better throttle response, smoother power delivery, smoother shifts, and power all the way to engine redline. And of course, the car does become faster and in certain engines, the engine sound becomes deeper and growlier.

This all translates to what most customers say, "Day and night difference!"


WHY is Red Bullet Solenoid better?

RB Solenoid works because they are specifically made for the type of engine they are being put into. We have a proprietary formula for the spool design that enhances oil flow without exceeding limits of specific engines preventing CEL's.

RB Solenoid is built using five-axis CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum for the spool and the spool casing to better withstand higher thermal limits while being made to higher and tighter clearance tolerances.

RB Solenoid is made using a higher grade spring with nearly double the spring rate along with an Electromagnetic (EM) motor that provides almost double the thrust.

By going through the trouble of doing all this, it is the only way, we can make sure the solenoid can withstand repeated actuation, the thermal fluctuations, and most importantly be able to hold the oil pressure without premature drainage.

With the proprietary spool design, the oil flows faster, reaching the set oil pressure faster. With the machine aerospace grade aluminum parts, double the spring rate, and double the EM motor thrust force, the spool can be held in the correct position preventing oil flow when necessary.


If you would like a more complete explanation, please click below.

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