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Stage 3 1.6T GAMMA Dyno proven 300WHP+ N75.300 Complete Engine Kit

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This is a Dyno tested and proven setup for the Kia Forte GT and Hyundai Elantra Sport / GT Sport,N-Line / Hyundai Veloster Turbo 1 and 2 / Kia Forte Turbo.

All we do not include an intake with this kit, as most owners have one. We can add an an AFE intake a great discount if you do not have one, however an intake is required.

This kit comes with everything you need to hit the 300WHP mark! (We highly recommend head stud upgrade if you plan on adding WMI to this kit)

 Our turbos make 25PSI at 6500RPM!  

N75.3 kit comes with the following, 

N75Motorsports Stuffed Turbo (N75Motorsports)

Xforce Catted Downpipe with ARP Hardware

Supertech Valve Springs to rev over 7K

Xforce Midpipe (Resonator and Cat Delete)

Wagner Tuning FMIC


GFB T9111 Bypass Valve for added boost with Pierburg Solenoid Valve upgrade

EBCS Upgrade (For Elantra Sport and GT Sport/N-Line) (N75Motorsports)

Whiteline Lower Engine Bushings to help get the power to the wheels

Whiteline Lower Control Arm bushings to help get power to the wheels

Performance Exhaust hangers (N75Motorsports)

Hotpipe Resonator delete (N75Motorsports)

Universal N75 OCC Kit (N75Motorsports)

WIX XP Oil Filter and Motul X-Cess Gen2 5W40 Engine oil

N75 Motorsports Stuffed Turbo ECU Tune at whichever octane you wish (If EK1, we supply 3 tunes!) (N75Motorsports)

N75 Motorsports DCT Tune (TCU need to be shipped into Toronto, Canada)

Total value is $8900+ CDN plus WMI!

Optional WMI Kits come with AEM V3 WMI Kit and KDMTUNERS TB Spacer to push you over 300WHP!

Our Dyno is on 91 Octane fuel.

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