Water Meth Injection

N75 Motorsports stocks almost all of the WMI products we list to reduce wait or downtime on your build. IE Snow Performance Nozzles are hard to find at times when you need the exact size for your build. We stock nearly all. We will be coming out with our own WMI kit which will be made from a mix of Snow Performance / Pro Meth and AEM WMI components. This is due the issues with running high meth content in "off the shelf" meth systems. While most WMI system can handle 100% meth, they often leak or have premature failure due to the high corrosiveness of pure meth. After our experience with project 2.2, we have figured out which components can handle pure meth without issue. Not to mention our kit will be a dual injection kit which will inject a extra small amount of meth via the second nozzle when boost hits 20psi or whatever you set it too.