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Shipping Worldwide From Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

N75 Motorsports started in 2004 as DAS Motorsports, tuning VW's in our shop off Dixie Road. For over a Decade we have provided the highest quality VW and Euro Upgrade parts available. Fast-forward to 2020 when our tuner bought a Hyundai and started to make parts on his own. Since then we have rapidly grown from supplying just 1.6T customers to now supporting N & Stinger owners. We will continue to Develop new parts for these cars which do not exist in Canada. Our goal to have kits which come with turbo's and tuning, which make great power, but are still affordable, we develop these products in house. We now offer N75.3 a dyno tested 300WHP Kit for the 1.6T Gamma engine.

N75 Motorsports has quickly become the leading KDM Tuner in Canada.

We are an EVC Reseller, this means we work on KDM tuning with tuners all around the world. We have tuners come to us for help, however this not why we did this, to make new relations with other KDM tuners. Through the power of EVC we have worked with tuners in The UK, US, AUS, and Korea. Working with some of the smartest tuners we know give us an edge. We ONLY work on KDM tuning. KDM cars are not easy to tune, we decided to specialize in one brand.

Having already powered the most powerful Veloster Turbo 2 in Canada, we have the abilities to remove your speed limiter, increase RPM to 7000K or more, add pop/ gurgles or both, delete fault codes and much more. We were first to bring remote tuning to the Veloster Turbo 2/Kia Forte GT/ Hyundai Kona community.

We now offer N-Tuner, the worlds first ECU File editor for the end user for the Elantra Sport, GT Sport, N-Line, Veloster Turbo, Kia Turbo, and many more. We also own development cars for tune testing, a VT2 and VN to aid us in ECU Development.

We work with Hyundai and Kia tuners all around the world, this allows us to give you a better calibration, and a more advanced one. We can tune in flames into the 1.6T/2.0T and 3.3TT chassis through our R&D overseas, we have already applied these calibrations to our files without issue.

Our ECU calibrations come with a full money back guarantee, if you not satisfied with our ECU / TCU Calibration we will refund you. We have countless hours in R&D on the KDM platforms, we stand by our work, not something all tuners will do.

We recommend parts we use, nothing we sell we would not use ourselves. we have removed products from our website due to issues they have caused in the community, if we recommend it?, we have used it.

The same parts we sell we use, nothing coming from N75 Motorsports is not used by us on our shop car. We are using our nearly two decades of experience to provide you with nothing but the best ECU calibrations, Turbo Upgrades,  Aero Parts from Maxton Design, maintenance products AND MORE!

NO TAX to US Buyers as we are Canadian!

We price match other vendors as well, if you find a better price, contact us and we will help you out.



Free shipping on all GFB BOVs to Canada and USA.


20% OFF ALL our ECU Recalibrations other than EK1 and DCT Tuning! Own flash tool kits, N-Tuner and ECU Recalibration 20% OFF with code "TUNEME"



We will beat any advertised price, PM or Email us with a screenshot and we will help you out!

Free Shipping to all of Canada on MSD Igniton Coils, Always in stock!

Free Shipping on all GFB BOV and Bypass Valves! No Code needed.

Avoid Shipping Charges by pickup in Mississauga. Contact us for a code to remove shipping if you wish to avoid shipping charges and pickup your order in Mississauga. From small items like oil filters to large items like spoiler lips etc...

We deliver in a set radius around Mississauga for $10. If you are in this area you will have an option for local delivery at checkout, please allow 1-2 days to schedule delivery after receiving your order.