Xforce Mid Pipe (Cat / Resonator Delete) For Hyundai / KIA 1.6T Chassis (OEM Performance Replacement)

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Product is high quality and easy to work with, but they don’t sent printed instructions and the ones online are for a model 4 years back with slight differences

Derek Hansen
Kia X-Force mid pipe cat resonator delete

Really woke up my cars mid-range torque and it sounds insane... very aggressive!

Great Product but huge downsides!!

If you are going to run this midpipe please for your sake do NOT pair this with a muffler delete. I did it on my 23 Kia Forte Gt and it was embarrassingly loud. The revs and idle sounded amazing. Whenever I downshifted and heard the pops and burbles I loved it. Driving around at low rpms was amzing hearing the burbles but the downsides were a lot worse. Once you escape the low rpms the car sounds atrocious to drive in the city and worse on the highway with the drone. I’m 20 years old and I love a loud exhaust as long as it sounds good but this is just borderline ridiculous and annoying. I would be a hypocrite for talking down on obnoxious civics and g35s if I were to keep this setup. Going back to muffler delete only which is my favorite setup by far. No hate to n75 or x force. The product is great but if you install it leave the stock muffler or put and aftermarket or something.

With the OEM muffler the sound is perfect, with a muffler delete yes it can be too much.

Just right for Forte GT!

Awesome so far!!

Jordan J

Bought this for my elantra gt n line and man is it worth it! Already had a muffler delete from the first week I got the car but I finally got this after hearing another n line with the same set-up and its perfect. It's definitely loud but it sounds amazing, install was easy and took basically no effort. I still have the oem downpipe and axleback so I just reused the oem bolts but it comes with a new set if you have aftermarket parts.
My ig has a post with how it looks installed and some sound clips (my car is not tuned either): https://www.instagram.com/p/CviJDHyxEpR/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==