We high recommend Whiteline suspension components for their great price and performance. 

SPL Parts are Hyundai TCR Tested and the absolute highest quality suspension parts available bar none. 

Gecko Racing Coilovers perform as good as BCR in our testing. BCR and Gecko are made in factories literally miles apart. The difference between the two? BCR has international distribution with major national distributors, BCR has done a great job building a brand, whenever you have a brand name, whether its automotive parts or personal items, this brings up the cost. Instead of buying BCR from a Canadian distributor, we elect to go direct to Gecko Racing, order directly from the factory. This brings your cost down. Now do not think we just sell, they are installed on our project Veloster N, and not only 1 set, but 2. We have tested G-Street Coilovers from Gecko, and now we are testing 2-Way adjustable Coilovers from Gecko Racing. If we are happy with the performance? We will list the product. 

Please remember everything N75 Motorsports sells is used by N75 Motorsports on our project cars, we would not sell something we wouldn't install on our own car!