ECU Tunes – kona

N75 Motorsports ECU calibrations are developed, engineered and tuned in Canada by N75 Motorsports. Unlike some tuners, we do not use a "Master tuner" or a "File service" to get our tuning files. Our tuning files are engineered by us in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

N75 Motorsports supports tuners all around the world for Hyundai Kia tuning. We have dealers in the UK, UAE, Korea, Canada, USA, and Australia. We provide tuning files for various other tuners whom are not apart of our tuning network as well, known as a "File Service" mentioned above.

N75 Motorsports ECU/TCU Tunes come with a full satisfaction guarantee. We have countless hours in R&D on KDM Platforms, we stand by our work.  (EK1 Pro/Lite and "Our Flash Tools" not included due to conversion and file keeping, we cannot control files after sending them out therefore no returns)

Remote tuning is only offered through EK1 or our PC Windows based flash tool kit. Please Email for more info on PC Windows based flash tools.