ECU Tunes – vt2

N75 Motorsports ECU/TCU Tunes come with a full satisfaction guarantee. We have countless hours in R&D on KDM Platforms, we stand by our work.  (EK1 Pro/Lite and "Own Flash Tools" not included due to conversion and file keeping, we cannot control files after sending them out therefore no returns)


Remote tuning is now only offered through EK1, we will be updating listings ASAP, we appreciate your support however we have had countless customers not return tools, because we do not ask for a deposit, this is money out of our pockets, we will be offering you to the ability to buy OBD or bench pinout flash tools at our cost, this will cover all 1.6T engines we currently tune and all 2.0T engines we currently tune including the N Series SIM2K-250 ECU with our added support and assistance to BitBox, this ECU is now OBD or Bench.