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Hot Pipe Resonator Delete

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N75 Motorsports is dedicated to Canadian Development and manufacturing.

A well known mod in the KDM Community, We have heard from some tuners say these make 5whp.... While we don't believe this, even if it makes 1whp, for under $40 bucks? That's unbeatable. 

These are usually over $40 to $45USD from US vendors, which is exactly why we decided to make them here in Canada, which brings the price down. There is no reason why a Resonator Delete should cost $50+CDN.

Our deletes have a extra large lip on them to prevent the delete from popping off the hose clamps, we roll the bead 3 times to get a huge lip, this is main difference between our deletes and others. To reduce the price of the product, reusing the OEM clamps was the way to go, the extra large bead helps keep the OEM clamps substantial in holding the delete in. Otherwise we would have to add T-Clamps and the delete would be $40+ CDN. As you may know, at N75 Motorsports value for your money is key. However if you want to ensure this never blows off, get yourself a pair of T-Clamps that can be found locally almost anywhere, most our customers reuse the OEM clamps without issue, but nothing beats T-Clamps.

 The first picture was our first version which had a single bead roll, this was known to blow off all the time for our customers, we very quickly changed to a triple rolled bead which is seen in the second picture. We did this few weeks after listing this item back in 2020. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Luis Cabrera
Fast shipping, great product and some goodies

The shipping was faster than expected not to mention the quality of the product...kids love the candies...keep it up guys you're doing an excellent job

Keegan Quinton
Intercooler resonator delete

Was exactly what they described it as, lower price than everyone else although the quality was still there. Shipped super fast and they add some goodies in their extra for you. Definitely a happy customer!

Hot Pipe Resonator Delete

Shipping was fast and well packed. Product is pretty good quality and my ES 2018 now sounds perfect (muffler delete, Downpipe and now the hot pipe resonator delete) Will be buying more from N75. Very happy.

It’s feel more flowing

It’s feel a difference when I do pulls and turbing are boosting. High Quality product and recommended.

matthew roy
Turbo loves it

Noticed the slight drop in boost while shifting in my Forte GT (DCT) is not there anymore. No more baffles to have to fill.