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N75 Race Valve BOV Solenoid Valve Replacement Kit (Pierburg)

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Our valve now has over 26 months of use and sales without a single failure, and this is our most popular item.


*Design patent pending*


Kit made in Canada 🇨🇦

Kit developed in Canada and the USA 🇨🇦🇺🇲

Valve made in Germany 🇩🇪

In Stock! Get em while they're here! These are a hot seller!

Have a Check Engine light? P2261? Changed you BOV? Your BOV Solenoid is most likely the cause. 

The major difference between our valve Upgrades and other vendors is the valve we use. We also never changed the valve we use, we were the first to offer a Pierburg Valve Upgrade and the only vendor who never changed the valve we sell for our BOV and EBCS Upgrade. 


Using our Signature Series Race Valve, The same we use for our EBCS, this upgrade for the OEM BOV solenoid valve features bigger ports which allow more airflow, bigger body valve allows more airflow, also the valve is more responsive to ECU inputs, and will not go off when the ECU is not asking for it too, All the benefits of a MAC valve upgrade without the issues of the MAC Valve Failure rate!

We have now seen many people have issues with their BOV opening during full load. To our surprise this valve has fixed a few cars with this issue already. We do not advertise this valve as a cure for this, but if it helps with that, that would be an added bonus.

Comes with a Bracket, Valve, Harness, 2 sections of Hose and zip ties.

This kit has been in testing for 26 Months on 3 vehicle in 2 different countries, 150,000km total testing KM with no issues, the BOV seems to have less "Rapid fire" 

 This kit comes with;

1 Pierburg Valve mounted on a mounting bracket

1 Wiring harness conversion

2 parts of Vacuum hose to hook up to the BOV and Cold Pipe


VN Kit comes with;

Zip Ties for valve


Zip ties for hoses

Wiring harness


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
佳鴻 陳

This is Taiwan. Because the information I left is incomplete, the commissioner reminded me tirelessly, and even finally got answers for the installation problems, thank you

Brianna Naranjo

Easy install smoother feel

Ian Toussaint

I previously replaced my stock solenoid with the MAC BOV Solenoid. At first, it was working fine, but then, about 6 months later it started acting funny and releasing pressure when it wasn't supposed to.
I just installed the Pierburg Solenoid from N75 Motorsports, and it's NIGHT AND DAY difference. The car holds boost WAY longer, and the pressure doesn't release until I let off the throttle. Definitely worth upgrading!

Sean Morris
Good product, but did not fix overboost issue

Bought this to replace my MAC solenoid because it caused a CEL and overboost code. Expected this to fix issue, but it did not. Good product and company is great to deal with. Must chase issue further, BOV replacement is next, per N75 recommendation.

Christopher Lester
Great Product, well put together kit

Great Product. Easy to install - just wish some of the pictures were from above with the air box removed as that's how I installed it. The kit was very complete. Wasn't expecting a lot of difference, but it definitely is causing my GFB Hybrid BOV to vent less often. Thanks for all your help and quick responses to my questions.