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LR3 High Performance Ignition Coil Pack

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A high performance, high efficiency ignition coil, developed exclusively for Hyundai Kia applications by N75 Motorsports in Canada 🇨🇦 backed by a industry leading warranty!
Set of 4
During development we discovered that the OEM and MSD coil packs have a significant gap between the spring of the coil and tip of the plug, we found MSD to be even shorter than OEM. Now why is this important? We are more than confident that MSD coils had to arch from the spring to the plug to fire the plug, What you need to understand about direct fire coil packs is that the spring is essentially a spark plug wire in a traditional ignition system.  The coil which fires the spark sits on top of the valve cover, then an approx 6" boot goes down from the top of the head to the plug tip, inside a spring carrying electric load from the coil pack. If there is added resistance in that area the coil is weaker no matter what type of coil is used.
Simply put, LR3 coils address this issue, you will visually see the spring flush with the boot, ensuring not only full contact with plug tip, but applying a small amount of pressure ensuring full contact and reducing resistance. 
LR3 High Performance Ignition Coil packs also require less voltage to fire the plug. LR3 Coils produce a more efficient combustion over OEM and MSD coils.
Users have reported; better idle, better fuel efficiency, better start up and cold start, one owner claims it increased his torque in lower RPM, while these are all user claims, N75 Motorsports does not claim anything more than, less resistance and lower voltage required to fire the plug, and more efficient combustion. 
Tested and developed on 3 different vehicles exclusively by N75 Motorsports 
As you can expect from N75 Motorsports, an unmatched 3 year warranty. You will struggle to find over 1 year warranty on a part considered to be wear and tear. Make no mistake, we made the best coil packs we could. With 3 revisions to ensure performance hence the name "LR3", however coil packs are still a wear and tear item no different from spark plugs other than perhaps a slightly longer service intervals, however we still back up our product with 3 year worry free warranty from N75 Motorsports, the best warranty in aftermarket performance parts!
Direct Replacement Performance Coil Pack for the 1.6T/2.0T 2015-Current Minus VT1 and other older Kia 1.6Ts (4-PIN Wiring harness to the coilpack, other coils are 2 wire)
Fits ALL 2.0T N Series Motors 2017 - 2024
(Veloster N, All I30N variants, Elantra N and Kona N)
Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2
Kia Forte GT
Hyundai Kona Turbo
Hyundai Elantra Sport
Hyundai Elantra GT Sport N Series
Hyundai Tuscan Turbo 2018-2021
Kia Sportage Turbo 2018+, and more.

Will not fit Smartstream Engines. 



  • Excellent reliability and performance
  • Low resistance springs from the coil pack to the plug and a better contact
  • Direct bolt-in replacement in factory location
  • Available in Red and Black
  • Full 3-Year Warranty to the original buyer
  • Exceeds Original Equipment specifications
  • Direct Replacement for ES-VT2- VN - N Line - Forte GT - EGTS 


Bundle with NGK HR8 or HR9 Spark Plugs and save a few bucks!


Installation Directions

Line up the spring with the tip of the plug, you will feel a small "bounce" like effect, once lined up push straight down on the coil top and tighten the 10mm bolt with your other hand., improper Installation can lead to spring collapsing. (Not covered under warranty, however if this happens to you email sales@n75motorsports.ca)

Boot of the coil seals on the top of the valve cover and does not wrap around the valve cover, however this seal is watertight.

While Installation can be a pain, but it is well worth it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kris cott
Worth the money

Before I state this, keep in mind this is coming from a guy who did his first oil change 2 weeks prior. These are talked about all over the groups on Facebook and such. Everytime they have been brought up it's been nothing but good reviews. I was a lil skeptical thinking how could it change the vehicle that much. Boy was I wrong! I will be honest the install is a lil daunting if your new like me bit not impossible!
Overall very impressive. Idle is 1000% smoother. I've paired them with hest range 8 sparks as I'm not super modded. So I'm gonna have to see about the claims of improvement in mpgs. If they have I will return. To end my rant, I absolutely recommend these to anyone just as a good mod to improve the life of the vehicle and make that idle purr.

Trevor Saab
Definitely worth it

Smoothed out idle, better cold starts, and throttle response is noticeably better. Definitely worth the money.

Great coils

It was weird trying to install as the spring would curl on itself but I got them in best I could. The low rev take offs are so much smoother never would have guessed new coils would do that. No misfires yet like the MSD couls. Idle seems improved too. Another good purchase from N75!

Anthony Papendick
Best coils for the 1.6 period

Bought these coils not knowing what go expect. I have had 2 sets of stock coils and 3 sets of msd coils. The car developed a weird idle it would pop and sputters but no cel. So I went msd and it was better but overtime same thing would happen with the idle. So I purchased these. They have made the car run smoother than it did the day it rolled off the showroom floor. Definitely worth the money!

Radisav Bulatovic
Good stuff !!

This coil pack is awesome, way better idle and must if you are tuned or piggyback!