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Aircraft Ultra Lightweight Race Wheel Nuts

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Aircraft products come in ECO Friendly packaging

13.5 Gram's per Lug Nut, The worlds lightest lug nuts.

Every 1lb of unsprung weight, is 20lbs of vehicle weight according to Enkei Racing Series wheel's testing. 

This mod is bolt on power (due to weight reduction in the wheels)

Fits both OEM and aftermarket wheels, most beneficial with a lightweight race wheels, or lightweight brakes.

6065-T6 aircraft aluminum (the highest quality aluminum you can get)

 This is an extreme Motorsports product, reduction of weight in the wheel area is the most rewarding area to reduce weight, and also the hardest area. These will give you an edge unseen in the Motorsports industry previous to our signature series lug nuts. 

Ultralight lug nuts have been used by companies like Tesla to improve fuel economy, as we have said before removing weight in the wheels is one of the most rewarding areas of the vehicle in terms of fuel economy, cornering ability, and acceleration. Reducing unsprung weight is simply the best area of the car to reduce weight, and produces the most benefits for the driver.

Aircraft By N75 Motorsports

Developed by N75 Motorsports in Canada, we found that even the lightest lug nuts could be made lighter. With our dedication to Motorsports, we reached out to manufactures of lug nuts and asked for the lightest possible product. We than took this product and used it for 2 years on our test car. Through the tough Canadian winter and crash tested without any issue. You will not find a lug nut lighter than these, we had these made for that reason, they have no logo, why? because its unneeded weight. These are so light you will be scared to use them!

Please torque to 80 FT LBS NO MORE! These are a light alloy which can be damaged under high torqueing. 

 Each lug nut is hand inspected before shipping, this product comes with a signed inspected COD. These are the highest quality you will find for Motorsports use.

 Full set for 4 wheels (20 Nuts)

Full set of 20 Lug nuts weighs 0.60lbs! The absolute lightest lug nuts on the market. These will shave a few pounds per wheel.

Track tested to handle high heat

 17mm head. 

 32mm long. (Yet still the lightest on the market)

Used on our Elantra GT N Line, Veloster Turbo 2, and Veloster N development cars. Tested for 2 seasons through the winter and crash tested. These are as strong as OEM as long as not over tightened. (80FT LBS MAX)

Extremely lightweight, extremely strong. We use these on our test car. Crash testing resulted in broken wheels, (3 of 4) (impact at 120KMPH) , no damage to lug nuts or area around them. We stand behind this product.

 When every gram matters! These are nearly weightless. 13.5 grams per lug nut.

Light Weight Performance Lug Nuts made from 6065-T6 aircraft aluminum. These will shave about 2-3LBS per wheel. 

Anodized aircraft aluminum. 

Required for any aftermarket wheels.

This product is so light that we have received emails on its safety, this product has been crash tested with wheels breaking and lugs intact.

No lock.

M12X1.5 - Set of 20

 Aircraft By N75 Motorsports 

Aircraft is our line of weight reduction products. We search through our cars and find the critical points where weight reduction is a huge benefit, just like the wheels. This is our first product for extreme race weight reduction. These products are the absolute lightest product availabile on the market. If you see a product with our brand "Aircraft By N75 Motorsports" you will not find a lighter product. This is the entire point of this brand.  To be the lightest available product on the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brandon W.
Grade A Product!

Just put these (black bullet) on my Elantra N, paired with new Konig Neoform wheels. SUPER light weight and they look great! I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a little form & factor upgrade.

Michael R.
Nice Lugs

Super light. Color is good. Finish was not consistent on all lugs though. Still, nice lugs.

Why have light wheels with heavy lugs?

Matches my rpf1"s beautifully. Incredibly light, got it in racing titanium. Worth every penny. There should be pages of rave reviews on this. Thank you N75 for supporting these cars with excellent products.

Gerald Noel
Excellent purchase

Really well made set. Incredibly light and look amazing.

Prety incredible!

Just weighted the stock nuts on my car and they weighted 33.52 grams.... these one 13.51 !!! Incredible difference!

Thank you for confirming what we found in testing!!! =)