EK1 Mini2+ OBD Flash and Logging Device

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The EK1 Mini2 allows you to get a ECU/TCU tune for your car from us anywhere in the world! It also stores multiple maps and performs logging/DTC functions. Performs basic reset functions as well. We have said for over a decade, a OBD reader should be standard factory tool kit, this is the ultimate user end OBD reader and ECU flash tool, and far more. Logging on EK1 device has similar refresh rate to professional tuner tools.

PLEASE NOTE: 2024 Elantra N is not yet added. 

From the manufacturer

"NKLAB has been working ECU tuning field for 22 years and we’ve released first portable tuning device for end-user in 2009.
All of EK1 solution is based on long technical history for 20 years over and has overwhelming powerful skill.
You can upgrade your engine or gearbox software anywhere anytime"    


Please Specify vehicle model in order notes if adding ECU tunes from us. 

EK1 Mini2 is a new tool from NKLABS Korea and SXTHNK that allows flashing, logging on nearly all Hyundai's and Kia ECU's and even some TCU's. Read and Write of the ECU without the need for ECU unlocking.


Package contents

1 SD Card adapter to USB and Apple devices 

1 Flush Dash mount for EK1 Mini2+ (N52 magnetic mount)

1 Swivel Dash mount for EK1 Mini2+ (N52 magnetic mount)

1 3ft USB to USB-C to connect the EK1 to your PC for device updates

1 OBD power cable 

1 SD Card 

1 EK1 Mini2+ Device 

 The extra accessories we add are to complete the product. Countless times we shipped EK1's to customers and they need to order small stuff like a USBC cable, we increased the price of the device slightly, however include everything you will need.





How does N75 Motorsports EK1 Tuning work when adding tuning to this product?


Custom tuning from N75 Motorsports for ANY Hyundai or Kia ECU supported by this product.

This device is so affordable, and performance is great, logging is nearly unmatched by any other tool. To make it more affordable for our customers, we offer any staged tune when adding tuning to this product.  This means expensive stage 3 and flame tunes come with the device and a total of 4 variations of tuning available for your vehicle.  

When adding a tune you receive 3 variants of that tune, higher octane, pop and bangs, whatever you wish. Even our Showtune which shoots flames. We offer any stage tune for ANY Vehicle supported by the EK1, including our most expensive Anti-Lag/flame or track tuning.

How does it work when adding N75 Motorsports tuning?

1: Receive the device, install it. The blue wire goes to a power source (fuse box) that is 12+ volts and comes on only when Ignition is turn on aka IGN2 (2 presses of the Ignition button, not accessory mode)

2: Read your ECU or ECU ID depending upon vehicle (if unsure please email All ECU files will be found in the "Maps" Folder on the SD card. 

3: Send your ECU ID/Read file, EKM device serial number (found on the back of the device), VIN number, order number, modifications to your vehicle, and tuning request to

4: Make a SXTHNK account, this is used for device updates and bootpatch download (if applicable). (All ECU Write files go into "Maps" Folder on SD card) download the PC update software and update your EK1 Mini2+.

5: We send you your OEM file and base file based on your modifications, via email ( This is a OTS base map used to gauge your engines performance. 

6: Write the Bootpatch if applicable, then write the tuned base file.

7: Using the EK1 Mini2+ log the base file, logging parameters (RPM, Boost or MAP, Relative throttle position, Absolute throttle position, Ignition Timing, AFR, STFT, LTFT and vehicle speed) any additional parameters will help, if your vehicle has wastegate position and target, please add these. (Not all ECUs support this)

8: Send logs (3rd and 4th gear wide open throttle pulls) to Logs are found in "Logs" folder on SD card. 

9: Receive your updated files to your request via email. All maps go into "Maps" folder on the SD card.

10: Write your desired tuning file and N joy!

 Please note: due to high volume of tuning right now, there maybe a 48 business hour delay to receive your tuning files. N75 Motorsports is currently working on a system to help reduce wait times. We Thank You for you patience while we get this system working, made for high volume tuning. 





EK1 Mini2 Handheld Tuning Device

Mountable device that can be connected to the vehicle when necessary for live data, fault code reading and ECU read/writing. Mount and SD Card reader INCLUDED. 


The EK1 Mini2 features a full color LCD panel and button style navigation. The interface is easy to navigate and allows users to quickly view data and write tuning files. 


EK1 Mini2 is equipped with an SD Card for easy data transfers. Insert the SD Card into your device to transfer tuning files, datalogs.  PC software is used for updates. Software can be downloaded after making a STXHNK account on SXTHNK's site. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Austin H
Amazing what it can do

I've been working with Daniel on a stage two tune using the EK1 Mini2+ and it's been mind bending the change in performance and the magic Daniel is able to work. Couldn't recommend enough, N75 is the way to go.

Alexander Lao
N75 is the way.

Can't recommend Daniel enough, even though we had some issues early on in the process he's been hard at work and with me every step of the way. So if you want a good tuning solution and want something not cookie cutter. Check them out!

Christopher Kucharski
EK1 Mini2+

The product works really well and makes ECU tuning super easy. Micro SD port allows for easy transfer of files from computer to tuner. The gauges on the device are super helpful as well. 10/10 would recommend. It also comes with a couple different magnetic mounts which is a huge bonus.

Works great

Daniel's tuning and customer service makes this product a 10 out of 10. I'm new to tuning and he made the process a breeze. I literally laughed out loud when I first drove the car after installing the stage 2 tune. I still can't believe the difference.

Christian Matzoros
Absolutely worth while!

Bought the ek1 mini with the extra tunes and it’s nothing but amazing! Daniel has help me to all the tunes and revisions if needed even late at nights! 10/10 would recommend this device and the tunes from N75!