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N75 Race Valve EBCS Wastegate Solenoid Valve Upgrade Kit (Pierburg)

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Installation Diagram in pictures, with Video installation guide link below.

 New hoses kits are now only available, OEM hose kits are special order, please contact us to order.

Our valve now has over 30 months of use and sales without a single failure, and this is our most popular item.



*Design patent pending*

The major difference between our valve Upgrades and other vendors is the valve we use. We also never changed the valve we use, we were the first to offer a Pierburg Valve Upgrade and the only vendor who never changed the valve we sell for our BOV and EBCS Upgrade.

Kit made in Canada 🇨🇦

Kit developed in Canada and Australia 🇨🇦🇦🇺

Valve made in Germany 🇩🇪

Have a problem with your EBCS? Spend some money on a MAC Valve and still have a problem? Did you buy a "Pierburg" and still have an issue? Not all Pierburg Valves are created equally!


Our N75 Signature Series Race Valve kit is our kit to solve your problem! We start first with the Latest edition Pierburg German made Valve, used by VAG on the older TT which ran higher boost levels, our tuner has tuned these cars in excess of 25psi and never had a valve failure! We then mount it on an aluminum bracket and include a wiring harness conversion! We included a small pack of grease to aid putting on the OEM Vacuum lines.  

This valve kit can also be used on electronic boost controllers and other brands of cars!

Our kit comes with lifetime warranty to its original owner, simply put, this how much confidence we have in this product.

We are aware that other vendors offer a "Borg Warner" kit. This valve is off an older 1.8T VW which was known to fail at VW all the time. VW and Pierburg did nearly 40 Revisions on this valve until they ended up with the valve we use, This Valve was mounted on the compressor side of the turbo housing on the 2.0T GTI and never had a single failure. Just because two valves are Pierburg does not make them equal. Pierburg makes more valves than we can count for EBCS control, Due to VAG's dedication to R&D this valve was produced. 


 This kit now comes with a easy installation option only, with new hoses and zip ties, we use premium hoses that are so tight, zip ties are used as a safety. 

 This kit comes with;

1 Pierburg Valve on a mounting Bracket

1 Wiring harness conversion

2 hoses

Set of Zipties.

(1) How To Install An Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (EBCS) On A Hyundai Elantra Sport - YouTube


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Roderick McGinnis
Awesome product.

I’ve only been using it for about three weeks and I have to say it definitely got rid of the hiccup during fast acceleration. It feels like a great made product before I installed it. Durable materials. The hose that got sent with mine are actually I have in unit smaller than what was originally used. I may have to replace those. Idk. The boost it gained was more in the high end and not at start off.

James Brentlinger

Replaced my stock ebcs with pierburg. Added 2 lbs of boost. Easy install.

David J Meekins
Solved my issue

2018 ES began having issues with power cutting out under load. Replaced this valve and it solved the issue. Throttle response is improved and power is more linear. The DCT shifts in normal mode actually seem improved also. Less lethargic possibly due to more stable boost. Overall has brought the engine back to life. Only suggestion I would make is a better sheathing on the electrical plug or at least two more ties to keep it secured around the wires.

Fantastic upgrade, over an upgrade!

This is a beautiful kit. I had upgraded to a MAC solenoid a few years ago. It ticked like crazy from the first day, but I assumed it was part of life now. It heat soaked one day and never ran proper after that. The next day I ordered this kit. And installed it after a risky 9 hour, each way, road trip. It is golden. No longer stumbles or flutters boost for no reason. And the insane ticking noise from the MAC is gone. An ABSOLUTE MUST.

Brian Aguilar
Very good product

Like he said on the Elantra section this should be the first mod and yes I agree 100% because now the car feels so smooth no boost coming one shot like the stock one this is the best thing I’ve done and I’m not tuned!! So yeah definitely recommended!!