Powerflex Upper Motor Mount Bushing Insert

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This mount will not add any vibration in the cabin. This is why we only sell Black (Race) because it's the stiffest bushing made and will not add any vibration. Unlike the lower torque arm which we sell, these mounts do no cause vibration.


In our testing we found this insert performs as good as the TTR Solid upper mount. While this is no replacement for a solid mount, in terms of performance? It is nearly the same. 



Fits Elantra N / Kona N / Veloster N

Fits 1.6T Variants which use the same mount.

We have now confirmed fitment on ALL 1.6T Variants!!


An easy-to-fit upgrade to limit movement within the upper engine mount, this Yellow 70A Durometer insert simply fits into the voiding on the top of the mount and is secured in place with the original bolt. Reduced powertrain movement will result in sharper throttle response and reduced wheel-hop, making for an even more engaging and sporty driving experience.




OE / OEM Cross Reference Numbers: OEM Part Number: 21810 S0000 / 21810 S0100 / 21810 G4100 OEM Part Number: 21810 J7000 / 21810 J7200 / 21810 F2000 OEM Part Number: 21810 F2100 / 21810 G4000

Customer Reviews

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Good results 3 stars because it does not fit 18ES out the box

3 stars because in the description it says that it fits all 1.6 turbo variants. I have a 2018 Elantra sport this bushing did not fit with the metal insert in, I had to use a sander and sand it down for a good 25 minutes to get it to fit ( and still had to lightly tap some squared head pliers with a hammer to seat it). Now that it is installed the steering is much sharper and responsive, the power seems more immediate, this and a lower motor mount really changed the car, I still have the transmission bushing to put in. If you do have a 17 or 18 Elantra sport just make sure you have some 40 to 80 grit sandpaper ahead of time. Worth the money and the elbow grease to actually get it to fit.

The instruction from powerflex don't tell you to remove the mount, I have been advised this is incorrect.

Remove mount from engine while installing you won't have an issue. same applies for 2.0T

Sonny Abernathy
Upper Mount Elantra N DCT

Excellent compliment to the lower bushing upgrade. Still had a little wheel hop after doing the lower and now with the upper done it is completely gone. Vibration upon initial start after installation but as soon as the bushing settled in place there was minimal to no vibration. Basically unnoticeable and the car just feels solid(in the best way possible).

Kevin Davis
They do what they are designed to

Got the "Race" version because I launch my car often. Was looking at a remedy to stop motor movement/play on launch and getting into throttle on a pull. Def eliminated the engine rock back, which fwd car has anyway on launch. There is a bit of NVH, vibration at an idle or when starting from a stop, but not enough to put weight the benefit of the product. Easy install but need to download directions from powerflex site.