EK1 Lite OBD Flash and Logging Device

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The EK1 Lite allows you to get a ECU/TCU tune for your car from us anywhere in the world! It also stores multiple maps and performs logging/DTC functions.




When adding a tune you receive 3 variants of that tune, higher octane, pop and bangs, whatever you wish. Even our Showtune which shoots flames. We offer any stage tune for a promotional time for ANY Vehicle supported by the EK1.



Please Specify vehicle model in order notes if adding ECU tunes from us. 

EK1 Lite is a new tool from NKLABS Korea and SXTH Element Engineering (SXTHNK) that allows flashing, logging on nearly all Hyundai's and Kia ECU's and even some TCU's. Read and Write of the ECU without the need for Unlocking!


Spare ECU's are NOT required with this device! This device works with your OEM ECU and performs map switching. 

 Custom tuning for ANY Hyundai or Kia supported by this product!

This product is extremely affordable which is exactly why we needed it in our tuning lineup. We already offer EK1 Pro tunes for a while now, this device is so affordable, and performance is so great, we completely stand behind it to the point where we needed to offer it for our customers.


EK1Lite Handheld Tuning Device

Portable device that can be connected to the vehicle when necessary for live data, fault code reading and ECU read/writing.

We kept the most essential, preferred functions of the EK1 Pro and made a more affordable, feature rich device. EK1 Lite is the only handheld tuning device on the market with specific support for KIA and Hyundai models. We set the standard for tuning! 


The EK1Lite features a full color LCD panel and button style navigation. The interface is easy to navigate and allows users to quickly view data and write tuning files. 


EK1 Lite is equipped with an SD Card for easy data transfers. Insert the SD Card into your device to transfer tuning files, updates, and datalogs. No need to fumble around with clunky desktop-only software. 


We have updated our ECU read and write protocols to enable remote unlocking (no more unlocked spare ECU required) of the ECUs featured in the Veloster N, Kona N, Elantra N, Stinger GT, G70, G80, and more. We even added support for the Hyundai 7DCT TCU as well as the Hyundai 8AT TCU found in the Stinger/G70. Continued updates for new ECUs are also in progess. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ek1 lite + Stage 2

For anyone on the fence about tuning your car and who to go with, there is no doubt Daniel is your guy. From his personal care to the actual tune itself, this man is a 1 man army but works his hardest to get your tune and work in order. Be patient, any wait is well worth it, and any questions you have, Daniel will answer like you're his only customer way quicker than expected. The tune itself completely changes the car, the power curve is linear, and 3rd and 4th gear are in a whole different ballpark, this is how the car should have come. The level of detail and care Daniel puts in to his work is well worth the price for you to have a safe and reliable tune. I will definitely be coming back for revisions without hesitation.

Todd Bowman
EK1 Lite

Thanks to Daniel for the excellent customer service and crazy tune ! Thanks so much recommend N75 for anyone with a 2021 + Kia Forte GT

Super easy to use

This is super easy to install, daniel followed me through the steps and made this a breeze.

Philip Resurreccion
Ek1 lite/ customer service

Received my ek1lite and ngk plugs in a week. I say that’s super fast shipping to me. Customer service is top notch🙌🏽 Daniel is awesome to work with and is quick to respond to messages. My first tune file is amazing and can’t say anything more. I will definitely back n75 all the way!🫡🫱🏼‍🫲🏻💪🏼

Homer Garcia
Ek1 stage 2 with pops and 7k rpm shift

Service is 10/10, quick response.
Woke the car up completely, and Daniel service is just top tier.
Quick to respond and give you exactly what youre looking for.