EK1 Mini2 OBD Flash and Logging Device

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The EK1 Mini2 allows you to get a ECU/TCU tune for your car from us anywhere in the world! It also stores multiple maps and performs logging/DTC functions. Performs basic reset functions as well. We have said for over a decade, a OBD reader should be standard factory tool kit, this is the ultimate user end OBD reader and ECU flash tool, and far more.




When adding a tune you receive 3 variants of that tune, higher octane, pop and bangs, whatever you wish. Even our Showtune which shoots flames. We offer any stage tune for ANY Vehicle supported by the EK1, including our most expensive Anti-Lag tuning.



Please Specify vehicle model in order notes if adding ECU tunes from us. 


EK1 Mini2 is a new tool from NKLABS Korea and SXTHNK that allows flashing, logging on nearly all Hyundai's and Kia ECU's and even some TCU's. Read and Write of the ECU without the need for Unlocking.


 Custom tuning from N75 Motorsports for ANY Hyundai or Kia ECU supported by this product.

This product is extremely affordable which is exactly why we needed it in our tuning lineup. We already offer EK1 Pro tunes for a while now, this device is so affordable, and performance is so great, we completely stand behind it to the point where we needed to offer it for our customers.


EK1 Mini2 Handheld Tuning Device

Mountable device that can be connected to the vehicle when necessary for live data, fault code reading and ECU read/writing. Mount and SD Card reader INCLUDED. 


The EK1 Mini2 features a full color LCD panel and button style navigation. The interface is easy to navigate and allows users to quickly view data and write tuning files. 


EK1 Mini2 is equipped with an SD Card for easy data transfers. Insert the SD Card into your device to transfer tuning files, datalogs.  PC software is used for updates. Software can be downloaded after making a STXHNK account on SXTHNK's site. 



Customer Reviews

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Jacob C
EK1 Lite

It’s sorta straight forward. Little bit of tinkering but Daniel will answer any question you have and will walk you through the process. He’s the reason why this is 5 star.


easy to use and daniel was super helpful and responded very fast and even kept replying later into the night customer service is top tier over at N75 highly recommend them to anyone that needs anything from basic parts to a tune


Love this product. Nothing to dislike about it.


Cant delete code p2097

The EK1 cannot clear all faults. Some it will do this.


Done the job ! Tuning with N75 is easy and wow the difference !!