Always the latest newest Tuning Tools and Software!

Always the latest newest Tuning Tools and Software!

VF2 Flasher is a new ECU/TCU tuning tool which allows us to do things we could only dream of before, Including OBD flash a Veloster N.

The reason why we went with this Tool is their dedication to Hyundai Kia, with a development team in Korea which no other tools have, VF2 can do basically any Hyundai Kia ECU and TCU, meaning we can tune nearly any Hyundai/Kia!

Now all Veloster N and Kia Stinger ECU tunes can be done with a few connections to your ECU that is shipped in or OBD flash! This makes remapping easier, flashing back stock much easier, and allows us to Tune your ECU without ripping it apart! OBD flash is now supported on the Veloster N and Kia Stinger 2.0T/3.3TT.

File editing at N75 Motorsports usually happens in 3 different software types. WinOLS5, ECM Titanium and Bitedit. While some tuners see ECM Titanium and Bitedit as useless, we actually find they are great tools, especially when our mappack in WinOLS5 has over 1000 maps, sometimes quick adjustments are faster in ECM Titanium or Bitedit. However to ignore these tools completely would be a mistake on our part. ECM Titanium has support for every ECU ever made which is impressive alone, but it does a fantastic job at making it easy for the tuner, tuning in ECM Titanium is fast and takes up little time. However all files Require WinOLS5 as ECM Titanium and Bitedit simply do not have enough maps. Bitedit does not even support the Veloster N or Kia Stinger. We are referring to the 1.6T owners.

This tool will also provide you with your TCU tunes which are coming very soon for the ES DCT!

At N75 Motorsports we always have and use the latest tuning and flashing equipment and software, this gives the end user a far better product. We see having these tools as a basic necessity of doing our job. We are the only KDM Tuner in Canada with these tools!

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