High Performance Downpipe 200 Cell Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converter

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N75 Motorsports Includes both gaskets


We use Xforce Exhaust components including this Downpipe on our development car. The cat in this downpipe is capable of handling a pop tune. We highly recommend Xforce Exhaust Components


Combined with an X-Force Catback this setup will make 20+WHP and has been dyno proven!



Xforce Exhaust components we regard as some of the highest quality products available for ours at a more than reasonable price. The success of Xforce is Quality for a decent price, it is nearly impossible to find comparable product's at comparable pricing. Add the fact Xforce innovation is top notch, they are hard to beat.
Xforce Downpipe uses a 2.5" tube, most aftermarket downpipes from major manufacturers have a 3" to 2.5" reducer, this is to keep back pressure on the small turbocharger. Xforce choose a 2.5" tube and expanded it to 3" at the flange, this keeps the turbo spinned up between gear shifts, basically this Downpipes is far better suited for the OEM Turbo. Even our stuffed turbo car ran a Downpipe with a 2.5" reducer.

N75 Motorsports recommends ARP Hardware with any aftermarket downpipe to avoid issues in the future. The Xforce Downpipe is the closest to OEM fitment you will find, however we still recommend ARP Hardware. We offer our at a discount with all our downpipes.

200 Cell High Flow High Performance Catalytic Converter, We recommend using Vibrant Screw on 02 Sensor Fouler to avoid Check engine lights. P0420. These Downpipes are made to the highest quality using Euro style Flex Pipes. We are able to tune this fault out, if you are a tuned customers of ours, this is not an issue. This is not needed, many people have installed this Downpipe without a check engine light, however this is extra insurance.



Xforce 200 cell cats are ultra high flow. They flow so well that sometimes they cause a check engine light, however just having this car in the Downpipe reduces catless exhaust smell, without impeding performance. We recommend a Vibrant Performance O2 sensor fooler just incase, or through our tuning services or others.




  • 2.5″ dump pipe
  • 200 cell high flow race cat
  • Euro style mesh flex bellows
  • Non polished stainless steel
  • Will bolt to factory standard cat back system
  • Tune is recommended after fitment (Recommend not required) (We recommend a Vibrant O2 Fouler, this removes the possible check engine light Xforce is recommending tuning for, this can be found in our exhaust section, however our tuning services can solve this issue as well)

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