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356mm Ultra Lightweight Racing Floating Rotor Brake Upgrade (Big Brake Kit)

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 Veloster N In Stock on sale!


Lighter and more Powerful than OEM. Not only are you increasing braking performance but reducing weight in the hardest area to remove weight of the car, unsprung weight. The caliper alone removes 10lbs over a OEM Veloster N caliper, this is Extreme weight savings with light weight wheels. Add the lighter rotor and your saving around 16lbs per corner. This translates into raw power, and better cornering.

**COMING SOON** We have partnered with Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) to bring you state of the art brake disc and pads!** These will be a matched pad and disc better than our current offering. This will be an optional upgrade.

Picture fitted on 18" wheels, designed for All season use. 


Kit includes full front Brake System.

This is a fully customizable kit, made to order (2-3 weeks before shipping out) We can make any color caliper you wish.

Each caliper is made from a forged alloy to increase strength.

Direct from our factory to us to you, cutting out the middleman, reducing price, retaining full quality. 

We use the same parts we sell, this kit is heading on project22. Upgraded Race Pads are available, pictured.

Zero need for spacers if using the correct sized wheels. Fits OEM wheels. (spacers add weight this goes against our model)

Product Description

This kit is suitable for the Hyundai I30N, Veloster N, as long as they are fitted with 18 inch or larger wheels, it is suitable for the Kona N and Elantra N with 19" wheels. Veloster N / 1.6T kit has 6 pot calipers and 356 x 32mm ventilated discs, Elantra N and Kona N have 365 x34mm ventilated discs. The discs are grooved to remove braking gases/residuals and maintain optimum performance even under track conditions. These Floating rotors have centrifugal style veins which acts like a pump, to remove all hot air, acting almost like a fan.

The kit comes with HEL Performance SS Brake lines (All 4 corners) and Stoptech 660 DOT4 Brake Fluid. Comes with Street/Track Pad. Race pads available, however high brake dust comes with high performance pads, the pads included can handle moderate track use.

Caliper is made from forged aluminum; this is used to reduce weight yet still have a strong housing. This caliper is ultra-light weight, reduction in weight over stock is dramatic. Forged alloys allow us to push the edge of weight savings. To ensure a safe product, 8 Bolts were used to hold the two pieces of the caliper together, most companies use 4 or less, we used as many as possible to reduce the risk of failure. 8 bolts holding the 2 parts of the caliper from literally blowing apart under high brake load. This is a completely necessary addition to traditional 2 piece calipers which most of use 4 or less bolts. 

To retain safety, a fully solid metal bracket is used. This is not a lightweight part, but key in keeping a BBK safe. 2 long bolts thread 60mm into this bracket, having a full failure would have to pull 60mm of threads on 2 bolts which are carrier thickness. A failure due to design is simply impossible. 

10 Slotted Allen Head bolts hold the rotor to faceplate, these lock the disc in place, even if a Allen Bolt was to loosen? It wouldn't unlock the disc, the bolt would have to fully come out, the lock would have to fully rotate 90°. For a complete failure to happen all 10 of these would have to happen. Other companies like Girodisc use pins, we found issues with this system when extremely hot or replacing the rotor, the Allen Head Twist Lock technology system corrects this. 

The Kit for the Elantra N and Kona N come with 365mm x 35mm Rotors.

1.6T Variants use Veloster N size.

CE/TUV Approval for race use.

Each Caliper weighs 3.20kg

Each Disc weighs 9.30kg


SS Brake lines front and rear (HEL Performance)

StopTech 660 Brake fluid

2 6 Pod or 8 Pod Ultra light weight caliper

2 bracket attachments for calipers

2 Floating Rotors

Hardware kit

Set of Street/light track use pads.


Torque Settings:

Carrier to Hub 100-105FT/LBS

Caliper to Carrier 90-100FT/LBS (Use Locktite Red as these bolts will not need to be removed after, the stronger the hold the better)


 To obtain maximum performance, lightweight alloy is used. To maintain maximum safety, extra thick bolts with extra long threads were used, as these cannot be torqued over our specs. If so you run risk of damaging the aluminum, worst case pulling a few threads not noticing it until on track and experiencing a full failure. We highly recommend not to exceed our torque settings. 

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