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BitBox Slave (N75 Motorsports Tool for Dealers) Software and Hardware Included - Pinout Box Included

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Looking into getting into chip tuning and need a reliable dealer? We offer the highest quality Hyundai, Kia files available on the tuning market. We also support a broad range of ECU listed below.

Add high quality Hyundai Kia tuning files to your line up of Slave tuning at low cost with Bitbox Slave linked to N75 Motorsports. We now also support a wider range of brands! See our supported list below!


New Kefico CPEGD3.20.1 ECU is now supported by our dealer tools. Through OBD.

Supported ECU's

All Hyundai Kia Petrol control units supported by Bitbox are included. (Kefico CPEGD2.20.x Continental SIM2K-250, SIM2K-240, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-141, SIM2K-141.1, Bosch MEDG17, MED17, MEG17, all EDC diesel ECUs, Delphi MT86 and more!)

VW Audi Group  SIMOS12 and SIMOS18 supported. (VW GTI, Golf R MK7.5) 

All BMW's petrol and Diesel supported. Fxx/Gxx/Exx MG1 / MD1. MEVD17.2.x, MEVD17.2, MEVD17.2.6, MEVD17.2.9

BMW Gearbox GS20, GS8.60.2

Mercedes Benz Bosch MED17 and EDC17 (all EDC17 variants) supported / Continental SIM271 (MED17.7.2, MED17.7.3.1, MED17.7.1, MED17.7.3


Ford MG1 (Ecoboost engines) MG1CS015, MG1CS016, MG1CS017, MG1CS018, 


FCA (Fiat Chrysler Auto) NGC3, NGC4A, GPEC, GPEC2 Gen1 and Gen2SIM90x.

Infinity Bosch MED17.7.2

All supported through on board diagnostic port (OBD) with technical support from N75 Motorsports. 


1st year subscription fee is included.


Bitbox Slave is linked to us via our ID and linked to you via email. When ordering please provide the email you wish linked to this device. 


All tuning from N75 Motorsports is damos supported, giving you the ability to offer near limitless tuning solutions. 


This kit comes with Pinout Box and Openport, Kefico CPEGD Bench OBD harness included. SIM2K-250/SIM2K-260 ECU Bench harness can be added on at extra cost. (Bench flashing is the safest way for dealers to flash ECUs, while OBD is supported, Bench flashing is sometimes necessary)


We also supply guidance and support over WhatsApp and AnyDesk, we can guide you through setup, and even how to flash ECUs the first time. This service is free when becoming an authorized dealer. 


1 year subscription fee is free if you sell over 20 files per year. otherwise $250 CDN.


Dealers contact Subject line (Tuning Dealer) for more info. 

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Phillip Kwon
Good service!

Daniel was always super quick to reply via whatsapp and help me get everything set up. Due to time differences between us, email is DEF not the best mode of comms. But via whatsapp, Daniel's client/vendor support is top notch!!