DEI NY-TREX EFI Single Fogger Wet Nitrous System

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 Detailed Description
Ny-trex is proud to offer the all new EFI 4, 6 and 8 cylinder wet nitrous systems. Ny-Trex EFI wet nitrous systems use only the highest quality materials and components to produce the best performing, best looking and most reliable wet system around.

Ny-Trex systems have been throughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensure the most safe and reliable performance possible.

Complete Systems Include:
- 10 lb Wet-Black powder coated bottle
- Chrome Hi-Flo 660 bottle valve with gauge port
- Braided stainless N2O feed line w/Teflon core
- T-Rex Nozzle* & adapter (up to 300+HP)
- Adjustable HP jetting
- 15A WOT micro switch
- Quick-Clamp stainless bottle brackets
- Mounting hardware, brackets, bolts, screws, clamps, ties
- Electrical components, wire connectors, relays, switches
- 22”x-3 braided stainless nozzle lines, 1 blue, 1 red
- Drill & tap, fittings, sealant
- Hot-Shot N2O & fuel valves
- Lifetime warranty on solenoids

Special Features
- Exclusive T-Rex Nozzle* with true-blend spray bowl delivers a swirl cone plume at a 110o angle to center the throttle body for an even blend. Flows up to 300+HP yet works great delivering only 35 HP.

- Nozzle has unique faceted spray tip to pass air around the nozzle without disrupting the spray pattern.
- T-Rex is the highest fl owing nozzle available with .110 fuel and nitrous passages that can deliver over 300 hp with a single nozzle.
- Flow matched fittings allow for the use of any style flare jets that are currently used in the industry.

- Solenoid valves are made with Volt-Trap coils for stronger, more effi cient power, allows for larger orifice, more flow and works with as low as 9 volts.
- Plungers are made of high grade alloy with greater tolerances to prevent sticking. The N2O seal is Tefl on and a special Viton seal is used for fuel.
- Dual Taper Jets provide a consistent flow of nitrous and fuel and come in a large array of sizes.
- Easy install components such as well nuts to install bottle topside, drill bit and tap for fuel connection, Tefl on sealant and easy install Quick-Guide.

*Bare Bones Economy system uses the single Raptor Nozzle, not T-Rex Nozzle.

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