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Custom ECU Recalibrations for the EK1 Pro from N75 Motorsports.

Timeslip above is a Veloster Turbo 2 FBO minus FMIC with meth** Possibly the fastest OEM FMIC VT2/Forte GT.

 Canada's Most Powerful Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2 N75 Motorsports Stuffed Turbo and Tuned - YouTube

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2 1.6T N75 Motorsports VT2 Tune, Wagner Tuning FMIC - YouTube

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport Dyno Pull (Intake and N75 Motorsports Tune) - YouTube

2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport N75 Motorsports tuned - YouTube

N75 Motorsports Hyundai Elantra Sport Pop & Gurgle Tune on 3 Cars with different exhaust setups - YouTube

Showtune - YouTube


24-48 Hour turn around time from receiving your file.

N75 Motorsports ECU calibrations are developed by us in Canada. We do a large amount of remote tuning around the world so rest assured we can tune to your octane level. Our calibrations are developed over time and tested before we started tuning the first car, we have customers with 2 years on our tune and 80,000KM without issue. We own a VT2 1.6T and 2.0T VN for tune R&D.  This allows us to try things we would never try on a customers car. This is how our tuning is done, with development cars first always. We find cars either locally here in Canada, or in the US, we also have a few test cars overseas. 

Our tune will not only gain you more power, but a more smooth powerband right to redline, and better fuel economy. Your car will drive better, perform as it should from factory if Hyundai/Kia geared the vehicle for nothing but performance, however due to fuel grades, Hyundai / Kia keeps certain maps in ECU conservative. We advance these for premium fuel.


Please note: This is for ECU Recalibration files only, the EK1 Pro is not included. 

We charge a base fee of $349 - $399 CDN depending on vehicle, this includes any extra features you wish. Launch Control for 6SPD, Pops and Crackle, Pop and Bang, Pop and flame, Speed Limiter removal, 7K shift for 6SPD, Increased Idle in Sport mode for DCT,  increase idle for 6SPD, if we can do it and it is included in this price. Any of our special features are also included. We do not charge for extra features on any EK1 Pro ECU tune.

Please email file/logs/mod list and tune requests to Tunes@N75motorsports.ca and we will email you your tune back within 24-48 hours.

 $199CDN per 3 revisions when order at same time of tune. 

Price includes stuffed turbo tunes, however we suggest revisions with stuffed turbos and big turbos.

Please make a note when ordering and also email us at tunes@n75motorsports.ca, thank you. (Email your ECU file to this email as well) Please include your mod list as well, thank you.


Please make note when ordering on what type of tune you want, 91 Octane, WMI, Racegas, Pops, Gurgles, Showtune (flames when it pops, see our Instagram page, or video link above) or both. LC can be added to 6spd cars, idle can be increased on all cars. 




Please refer to our ECU Tuning per vehicle listings for WHP Increases and required mods. 

Spark Plugs are required for all cars.

We suggest tuning on an aftermarket intake on all cars for added boost. (Increased flow through intake system caused by increased boost)


ECU Calibration for EK1 Pro Device custom tuned from N75 Motorsports

Customer Reviews

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Dylan Podurgiel

Went to Daniel with my fresh EK1. Messaged him on messenger and in an email telling him everything I wanted and a list of my mods. He was quick and efficient, given how messed up my original ECU file was. He set it to stock, did his magic and I couldn’t be happier. This tune is literally perfect. Highly suggest N75 for all your tuning purposes. ESPECIALLY on the EK1Pro!!!!