Elantra N Turbocharger Upgrade for Veloster N (With Hotpipe conversion)

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 Bolt on hotpipe for Veloster N included.

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ECU Tuning is discounted for buyers of this turbo.

 Turn your Veloster N into a Torque monster!

Brand New Elantra N Turbocharger

Our testing shows this turbo holds 23PSI at 6750RPM. 

 Comes with increased size Elantra N turbo inlet. 

This turbo has a 5mm bigger inlet and 6mm bigger outlet on the turbine,

It features a 4mm bigger inlet and 3mm bigger outlet compressor.

This small increase is all that is need to hold set boost to redline, these turbos will hold 20-21psi to 7000RPM, making them perfectly suited as an upgrade for the Veloster N and I30N.

We had made 315WHP and 345WTQ on this turbo. 

Add this to a JB4 Tuned VN or our tune, and you will hold 20psi to 7000RPM and make 310whp at 7000RPM where the OEM turbo falls off hard, this turbo will keep airflow to the engine at higher RPM

Dyno tested to make 310whp at 7000RPM by one of the tuners we work with overseas on the I30N. We have tuning for this turbo, tuning comes at a discount when ordering the turbo from us. We have made 316Whp and 350WTQ on this Turbocharger.

Downpipe needs modification, and and hotpipe needs modification for fitment. 

Elantra N turbo (in red) overlayed over the VN turbo (in grey). This highlights just how much bigger the unit is than the original factory turbo:

Facelift i30N turbocharger size comparison

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