Front 4000 Series T3 Brake Rotor - Elantra N / Kona N

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  1. Surface Design Slots and/or chamfered drill holes facilitate the exit of friction dust and gasses, for a quieter and more responsive pedal feel.*
  2. Anti Rust Painted non-friction areas to prevent rust and enhance appearance.
  3. BI-Directional Use Symmetrical slotting and/or drilling for universal left/right use.*
  4. Thermal Stability Profiling Heat treatment cycles realign the microstructure of the iron, resulting in increased rotor stability and durability.
  5. Thermal Efficiency Centre-split core castings for increased heat transfer and thermal efficiency.
  6. CBN Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) machine turned finish, minimising disc thickness variation and the potential for pad "knock" and resulting premature wear.
  7. Thermographic Heat Paint Paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds to assist with the monitoring of braking temperatures and rotor fatigue.
  8. High Carbon Alloyed Iron Formulation allows for optimal interaction with DBA’s thermal stability profiling (TSP). Increases the capacity of the rotor to handle constant and extreme heat over prolonged periods.
  9. Kangaroo Paw Unique Kangaroo Paw vane design for up to 20% better heat dissipation, increasing braking effectiveness and prolonging brake life.*

    *Some variants may not contain all features

  1. Technical Specs

    Product SubVariant T3
    Axle Front
    Vane Design Kangaroo Paw
    Outer diameter[mm] 360
    Height [mm] 52.5
    Brake Disc Thickness [mm] 30
    Minimum Thickness [mm] 28
    Centering Diameter [mm] 69
    Number of Holes 5
    Weight [kg] 12.91
    Pitch Circle Ø 114.3
    Uom Each
    Surface Design Slotted


    Package Specs

    No. of items in box 1
    Packaged Height (cm) 7
    Packaged Length (cm) 41.5
    Packaged Depth (cm) 39.5
    Packaged Weight (kg) 12.91

    General Specs

    Short Description 4000 Series T3 Brake Rotor
    Brand DBA
    Product Segment Rotors & Drums
    Product Category Brake Rotor
    Product Variant 4000 Series
    Warranty 12 months/ 20,000km/ 12,000 miles

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Addison Craig
1k mile review, paired with Hawk Perf 5.0 Pads

Honestly didn’t have high hopes as I’m more of a “buy the cheapest, decent alternative” as oppose to brand name and higher end. However these rotors paired with Hawk performance pads have an INSANELY low brake dust, high stopping power output. I have ceramic coated, white wheels and they were a pain on OEM setup to keep clean. It’s night and day difference and the cleanliness aspect is what I was after so these nailed it. Insanely high stopping power, very low dust, what’s not to like? Shipped as soon as they were received by the shop, received in about a week. 10/10 experience so far. No complaints.