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Hyundai Elantra N G-Street Coilovers Suspension with Camber Plates and Gravity Bearings

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From supercars to eco cars, Gecko Suspension has a kit for you.

We use these exact coilovers on our R&D Veloster N.

 Note: shock canceller not included 


  Camber plates and gravity bearings included



(16) Gecko Suspension Systems G racing - YouTube

Same shock tube as TEIN (Tein is made in Japan, arguably the highest quality coilovers money can buy)

Fully Adjustable Suspension Coilovers

We are Gecko Suspension System, professional manufactured and designed in Taiwan.

  Fully height adjustable. 

We have spent countless hours researching and developing our products, and have tested on most common vehicles available to our engineers.


Gecko Suspension System has gained a wealth of technical experience and knowledge through its independently own companies that producing high quality OEM goods for world renowned suspension brands.


After years of persistent researching, and recorded analysis testing, Gecko Suspension Systems finally manufactured a suspension system that can handle uneven road conditions and simultaneously provide a perfect balance of comfort, function and performance.


At Gecko Suspension System, we use only the best quality components:

‧SAE9254 steels springs

‧Aluminum alloy upper mounts

‧Japanese NOK oil seal

‧Japanese bearing

‧France Total rotary dedicated oil

‧Mono-tube shock design

GECKO RACING specializes in the production of aftermarket high performance suspension. Featuring easily accessible adjustment knobs and separately adjustable ride height. These coilovers are engineered to perform in any road condition. They are suitable for both street and mild track use. These coilovers greatly improve handling and stability of the vehicle as well as providing an aggressive stance. Only quality oil and bearings were used in construction of Gecko Racing coilover in order to match international standards. 

G-STREET Series: It allows 24-levels of adjustable damper settings and body height adjustment. This setup is focused on every day street driving and mile track use.

Gecko Suspension System use the same NOK seals as the Japanese suspension company Tein. Our manufacturing is done in Taiwan, with top level quality control.


‧1 year unlimited mileage warranty on the shock , rubber top mount, end links and etc
‧No warranty on camber plates where its applicable
‧Completely rebuildable and replacement parts are available for purchase

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Tony Lospalluto

Great company with hands down the best quality parts on the KDM market. I would highly recommend