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Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T-3.8L ECU Calibration (Sonata Turbo/Optima Turbo -2015)

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This is for file ONLY, flash tools will need to be bought or added to this.



We now have a database of OEM Files so we can tune you if you do not have your OEM File, however additional costs are present.

We cannot tune around a mechanical problem. There is no tuning out a mechanical issue, if your car cannot run on the OEM map? You have a mechanical issue, unless you're build is extreme. However we cannot tune around mechanical problems with cars which are now seeing 10+ years and unseen problems.

We are pleased to announce that we are now tuning all 2.0T Hyundai's (Sonata and Optima as well) and 3.8L Genesis Coupes!  We have full tuning support for these cars meaning we have the ability to see every single map in the ECU! We can control anything we want on these ECU's as full tuning support is present. This is something we dream of on the newer 1.6T and newer 2.0T (N Series motors), this makes tuning for these cars very easy for us. Tuning can be very advanced due to full damos tuning support. 

 We have been asked to start tuning Genesis Coupes from our customers. 

N75 Motorsports uses the latest tuning software and hardware, new hardware allows us full read and write of your ECU, previously tuners would have to load pre-tuned files. We can now pull your OEM File off your OEM ECU, Tune it and reinstall the tuned file.  This reduces issues caused by others tuners or their "database" which is collected over many years of tuning. 1 customer has an issue? They all do if there is an issue in the "database".  We are forgoing this method, and for a year did not tune Genesis Coupes, but with new tuning tools brings new opportunity to help the community where other local tuners leave you with a large bill and you scratching your head, we strive to provide nothing but the highest quality ECU Calibration available. 


Pop's and bang's, Pop's and flames come at no charge for the Genesis Coupe. Catless exhaust is required.


As the Genesis Coupe ages issues will arise. We cannot tune around a mechanical issue, we have recently had many cars with mechanical issues, we highly recommend having your vehicle looked at before tuning. We will not remote tune a bigger turbo setup, the problem is we cannot monitor the motor, nor know your exact setup from just mods. We need the car present for big turbo tuning as we do not believe the community realizes this motor is now at least 10 years old, unless the motor has a full rebuild, its very difficult for us to ensure tune safety, nor any tuner. The new 1.6Ts and 2.0Ts with Stuffed turbos we tune have under 50,000KM on the engine, even if a minor issue is present it will not cause harm to the engine. 


Stage 1 is general retune, an Intake is required.

Stage 2 is custom retune per mods. Colder Spark Plugs, FMIC Upgrade (on turbo models) and Exhaust System is required. 

 Hybrid Turbo Big Turbo Tune is a fully custom tune for your bigger turbo setup.

Customer Reviews

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Great tune! Great price!

I got my 3.8 tuned by N75, I bought another tune from another company but was taking forever, I had an N75 tune on my Elantra Sport, so when I saw they offer Genesis Coupe tunes at a discount (after waiting 🙄) I decented to go with them again, and boy of boy, Daniel told me I was the first 3.8L well another homerun from N75 because this thing came alive on this tune!!

Only negative thing (but I honestly can't complain because of the price) is they are still working on adding pops for the 3.8L. I am supposed to get an updated map when they get it sorted, and I know I will. Building my Elantra Sport with N75 Motorsports was awesome, I wish they listed more BK2 parts.