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Hyundai Veloster/Elantra/Kona N ECU Calibration

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Please Contact us through our website/Facebook/Instagram account or email tunes@n75motorsports.ca before buying a tune, thank you.


We are the only Canadian tuner capable of OBD Flashing your N, ECU cloning over OBD.

All local tunes at no charge, now comes with a before and after engine dyno reading, using DynoRoad. DynoRoad is a tool made by Magicmotorsport also known as "Flex" This professional tool can provide accurate dyno readings dyno simply going for  a drive. Make no mistake about it, we do not use this for our website to show tuning, however for locals it is a inexpensive way to give everyone a reading of their before and after power including a Graph. DynoRoad has been tested to be within 1whp of actual roller dynos.  

Dyno is a Veloster N DCT with Elantra N Turbocharger. 315+WHP and 343+WTQ 22PSI Tune without our 7K Shift tune.

Tune Features

N Mode pop enhancement. (Optional)

We change the pop sound through the ECU. The OEM Hyundai pop sound becomes far more aggressive. Only in N mode like OEM. 

AFR Adjustment

(Hyundai's are known to run very rich from factory our tune corrects this and your N will not only make more power but get better fuel economy doing it!)

Torque Management Increase

(Torque maps for the engine are changed to make more power with causing issues, you cannot just lift boost)

Increased ignition timing

(Area's of the N's ignition timing can be well optimized by us, we do this and the result is a smoother powerband)

7K Shift on DCT and 6SPD

We offer 7K Shift on DCT and 6SPD Cars. Yes you read correctly DCT N Owners can now enjoy 7K Shift as well! This opens up the game for the Elantra N, Kona N, and Veloster N with EN Turbocharger swaps as 7000RPM is needed as these cars have a bigger turbo which make boost in higher RPM range.   

Turbocharger management optimized

(Wastegate duty cycle, pressure application and turbocharger limits are changed, boost is increased as well)

Optimized VVT

(VVT can be changed slightly to make more power)

7K Shift

Disable primary O2 sensor monitoring

Monitoring systems for the primary O2 are changed so they never trigger a fault code, however no fault codes are deleted.


(During WOT the ECU switches to certain area's of maps in the ECU's we optimize these maps all in relation so the car makes a proper powerband)

Warmup Protection

Increased warm up protection (Full power and boost only comes on when engine oil is up to temp)

Pop Flames

Flames can be tuned in as well, car needs to be catless. Flames are not guaranteed every time you rev the car, but will shoot flames when rev hanging) 





Using the latest flash tools, we are able to ECU Recalibrate your ECU over the OBD2 port! Local customers get the free option to flash back between their stock map and tuned map at no cost. Flashing over OBD2 takes 3 minutes, we do not believe it is fair for customers to pay for this service, especially when our flash tool stores your files on it. Flashing your Veloster N has never been easier!



 Kona N and Elantra N share the same ECU as the Veloster N, we tweak our Veloster N Tune for the Kona and Elantra N. 

 We now offer cloning services for Veloster N. This means we take your OEM ECU and clone it to a spare, for people who are worried about warranty issues. Our cloning services includes the cost of the ECU, but not the tune. We do require your ECU to be shipped in to us for cloning. 


 We use the latest tuning software and hardware, we have a large network of tuners around the world who we work with on Veloster N tuning, N75 Motorsports VN tunes are not solely N75 Motorsports developed, we co developed these tunes with other tuners around the world, mainly in The UK, Korea and Australia. This allows us to give you the end user a far better product. Like the 1.6T Maps we provide the KDM community, we strive to be the best in the 2.0T community as well. Rest assured, your tune satisfaction or your money back!

ECU needs to be sent into N75 Motorsports in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

We ship your ECU with full insurance coverage, and overnight UPS/DHL Shipping to reduce downtime.

WHP Numbers are for Veloster N

Stock WHP is around 225-235whp.

Stage 1 Tune Required Mods (Made for a car with no mods, this tune corrects some issues with the OEM tune from Hyundai like AFR and nets better fuel eco)

HKS M45XL Spark Plugs (Recommend, not required)

HPFP Upgrade (Recommend with an OEM Tune as the HPFP is a weak point on this vehicle)






Stage 2 Tune Required Mods (Made to last the life of the car)

HKS M45XL Spark Plugs

HPFP Upgrade (Recommend to avoid issues)

Air intake system (Any, we use AFE)






Stage 3 Required Mods (High boost High Torque)

HKS M45XL Spark Plugs


HPFP Upgrade

FMIC Upgrade

Downpipe and catless or high flow exhaust




Our tunes are fully customizable, we also use tools which allow OBD flash, we offer free flash back to stock for any of our local customers, as flashing with this tool is a few minute job.


If you are not happy with our tune for the N, send us your ECU back, we will flash it back to stock, refund you and cover shipping fee's.

Recently we have been reading a lot recently of people making a big deal of making big power on the OEM HPFP. This is beyond stupid, allow us to explain, is the OEM pump capable with tuning? Yes, However so are heat range 8 spark plugs to make 400whp (and people have done it) But again, its rolling the dice. What is the point? We understand the HPFP is not cheap however your motor is not cheap either, we can tune the OEM pump however we suggest replacement to avoid issues. No different from spark plugs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Veloster N stage 2/louder pops

The tune is great. Feels like smooth like a stock tune but way more power. I specifically asked for a lower boost stage 2 tune to prolong the life of the car and its components. I’m getting 18-19 psi and it makes a big difference, spins my 200 tread wear tires in 3rd at lower rpm’s. The pops are a bit louder, I still have %100 stock exhaust, but they definitely sound more aggressive, like way more snappy if that makes sense. Dan’s customer service is great. If you have any issues he answers right away and makes sure your happy. Not opening my stock ECU was good as well, he was able to clone it via the oem connections.


Had my Veloster N with EN turbo/FBO tuned by Daniel at N75 and I couldn't be happier. The power delivery is extremely smooth and it's like a different car. He has been there to answer every one of my questions within minutes and the whole experience has over exceeded my expectations. Thank you N75!!!

Daniel Michaels
Great tune

Stage 1, killed my downpipe code, feels like a new car! Highly recommend.