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Hyundai Veloster N ECU Calibration

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Tune Features

Engine Fuel Delivery

The N series engine's has fuel delivery not set for high boost, if tuners do not account for this the ECU will pull power and cut fuel under high demands. We optimize these maps for the HPFP and fuel delivery to engine to prevent this cut from happening.

N Mode pop enhancement. (Optional)

We change the pop sound through the ECU. The OEM Hyundai pop sound becomes far more aggressive. Only in N mode like OEM. (Recommend high flow downpipe catted or catless)

AFR Adjustment

(Hyundai's are known to run very rich from factory our tune corrects this and your N will not only make more power but get better fuel economy doing it!)

Torque Management Increase

(Torque maps for the engine are changed to make more power without causing issues, you cannot just lift boost)

Increased ignition timing

(Area's of the N's ignition timing can be well optimized by us, we do this and the result is a smoother powerband)

7200 RPM Shift on DCT and 6SPD

We offer 7K Shift on DCT and 6SPD Cars. Yes you read correctly DCT N Owners can now enjoy 7K Shift as well! This opens up the game for the Elantra N, Kona N, and Veloster N with EN Turbocharger swaps as 7000 - 7200 RPM is needed as these cars have a bigger turbo which make boost in higher RPM range.   

Turbocharger management optimized

(Wastegate duty cycle, pressure application and turbocharger limits are changed, boost is increased as well)

Optimized VVT

(VVT can be changed slightly to make more power)

Disable primary O2 sensor monitoring

Monitoring systems for the primary O2 are changed so they never trigger a fault code, however no fault codes are deleted.


(During WOT the ECU switches to certain area's of maps in the ECU's we optimize these maps all in relation so the car makes a proper powerband)

Overboost Correction

On the N Series Cars we typically see overboost around 18-20PSI. For tuning we lift this to around 25PSI. More aggressive maps (Stage3+) we remove overboost completely as we boost some of these engines on Hybrids very to very high boost levels. 

Warmup Protection

Increased warm up protection (Full power and boost only comes on when engine oil is up to temp)

Pop Flames

Flames can be tuned in as well, car needs to be catless. (Flames are guaranteed every time you rev the car) These are aggressive tunes, hard on the motor and turbo.

 Engine Temp. Managment.

Stage 2 and 3 tunes require an increase in allowed temperature for the exhaust model and intake model. These maps are lifted so the car maintains power towards redline. This is an OEM safety which ALL tuners need to increase for the car to power, we do not take responsibility nor do any other tuners for damage caused by lifted the temp limits (IE You do not have the supporting mods and motor runs extremely hot).

Octane Learning Disable

We disable octane learning and it never bugs your again, or we leave it on the tune.

Assisted Launch Control

During Launch ready and first and second gear we add more boost when LC is used. Maps during the LC Process and during first few gears is increased though tuning.

Increased DCT clutch pressure

Through various torque and TCU related maps in the ECU we can request the ECU to request the TCU to increase Clutch clamping load on DCT Vehicles. 



Using the latest flash tools, we are able to ECU Recalibrate your ECU over the OBD2 port! Local customers get the free option to flash back between their stock map and tuned map at no cost. Flashing over OBD2 takes 3 minutes, we do not believe it is fair for customers to pay for this service, especially when our flash tool stores your files on it. Flashing your Veloster N has never been easier!


Developed by N75 Motorsports in Canada,  our newest N Series cars ECU Calibrations are the most advanced Calibrations we have produced.  Rest assured your tune satisfaction or your money back! Now ask yourself,  how many others will do this?


ECU needs to be sent into N75 Motorsports in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

We ship your ECU with full insurance coverage, and overnight UPS/DHL Shipping to reduce downtime.

WHP Numbers are for Veloster N

Stock WHP is around 225-235whp.

Stage 1 Tune Required Mods (Made for a car with no mods, this tune corrects some issues with the OEM tune from Hyundai like AFR and nets better fuel eco)

Heat Range 9 Spark Plugs

HPFP Upgrade (Recommend with an OEM Tune as the HPFP is a weak point on this vehicle)






Stage 2 Tune Required Mods (Made to last the life of the car)

Heat Range 9 Spark Plugs

HPFP Upgrade (Recommend to avoid issues)

Air intake system (Any, we use AFE)






Stage 3 Required Mods (High boost High Torque)

Heat Range 9 Spark Plugs


HPFP Upgrade

FMIC Upgrade

Downpipe and catless or high flow exhaust




Our tunes are fully customizable, we also use tools which allow OBD flash, we offer free flash back to stock for any of our local customers, as flashing with this tool is a few minute job.


If you are not happy with our tune for the N, send us your ECU back, we will flash it back to stock, refund you and cover shipping fee's.


Using WinOLS5 and our network of tuners around the world, we have been able to to come up with a working mappack for Hyundai N Series Vehicles, this mappack is so advanced that only a few tuners can do some of the things we can, 7200RPM Shift, 29PSI tunes, Pop Flames and more. All of this is only possible with the development we have done with our own R&D car and our test cars overseas. Our tuning is so advanced our older mappack is used by companies like AlienTech, the software other tuners use to make a tune.

Recently we have been reading a lot recently of people making a big deal of making big power on the OEM HPFP. This is beyond stupid, allow us to explain, is the OEM pump capable with tuning? Yes, However so are heat range 8 spark plugs to make 400whp (and people have done it) But again, its rolling the dice. What is the point? We understand the HPFP is not cheap however your motor is not cheap either, we can tune the OEM pump however we suggest replacement to avoid issues. No different from spark plugs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Full stage 2 tune

Daniel has done an amazing job yet again. For the last year or so I've thought about getting rid of my VN due to just wanting something more powerful. BUT I don't think I'll be doing that any more. The tune has made my car so much faster and fun to use. The best way to describe it as Korean V-tech as soon as you floor it and hit that rpm sweet spot you'll never want to lose that feeling. Dan walked me through exactly what he did and answers any questions I have about the car. All in all if you want a tune I highly recommend N75 thank you so much.

Stage 1 Tuned 22 VN 6MT with louder pops and 7K shift

So happy I came to Dan for my tune. I wasn't expecting much of a difference with Stage 1, but it completely changed the car. I'm very happy, Dan knows his stuff. First try and the tune was dialed in and perfect. You won't be disappointed taking any N to Dan, especially because he owns one himself! Look forward to doing more business with Dan!

Karling Hoenig
Great tuner and even better guy

Dan tuned my car a couple times to make sure we got it dialled in and tuned it on the dyno as well to make sure it was totally perfect. He has great customer service and truly cares about his customers. He knows that his name N75 Motorsports means something and he stands by his product!!

Fantastic Service and Great Tuning

First off, I have to give a massive shout out to Daniel, who heads up N75. When I first got my ECU back there was an issue where the car wouldn't turn over, but Daniel was kind enough to offer to rewrite the ECU free of charge. Additionally, Daniel was open to listening and modifying what we wanted to accomplish based around the exact modifications on my vehicle, something that I wasn't able to get from other tuners in the Veloster N community.

With all of that out of the way, the car runs better now with the new tune on it then it did stock, the power gains are tangible, and I can feel the difference not only in how much power it is making, but in how smoothly the power is coming on. With my previous tuning setup, the car would sometimes feel jerky and abrupt with the way the power came on, but with N75 tune the power comes on smoothly and effortlessly.

Huge props to Daniel and N75 for the amazing service and the fantastic tuning support, I'll definitely be referring any of my friends with Hyundai vehicles here for tuning!

Used ECU's can sometimes be tricky but glad we sorted it out!! Thank you for your feedback!!!

Tristin Reid
One Man with 10000 words, and one result. AWESOME.

Had a bunch of issues coming to a conclusion on who to get to tune my car. Coming from the Subaru/Mitsubishi community with open source, and moving to a Link standalone for my BNR32, I am very cautious when it comes to who I let touch my car, as I am usually the person doing the work.

I got introduced to N75 from our local community and was glad to find out, they were local aswell. Here in the GTA it's very tight to find someone I could trust, and with the onset of the tooling cost for these vehicles I was in the water and ended up with a Jb4 to satisfy my needs originally. Fast forward to this week, after spending some time talking to Daniel about his workflow and methodology when it comes to tuning, ( sad to say not many others work the way he does, and after talking to the very limited amount that do tune) I knew I could trust his work.

His transparency and ability to describe his work is exactly why I chose him to tune my vehicle. He was very adamant in his abilities and took the time to describe and show me every map/memory address he went into! Many I was familiar with in their function, and many I learned anew with how this specific ECM handled calculations, and he explained all to the best of his abilities. All in all I don't think I could have chose anyone else. It's only N75 at this point.

Not to mention the process was very smooth via obd and took very little time from start to finish. All in all very excited to drive this for time to come. Wish everyone over at N75 the best, because they provide the best that I can see around anywhere! Opted for the additional pops and bangs aswell, very much necessary!