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Intake and Turbo Inlet Upgrade Elantra N Line 1.6T Smartstream / Kona N Line

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Fits Elantra N Line (By pass hose does not fit BOV - cap included)

Product Description

With Forge Motorsport leading the way in aftermarket products for the Hyundai N division vehicles, we are proud to present our Turbo Inlet Adaptor and Intake Tract for the Hyundai i20N. The kit is a full plug and play solution, with a replacement cast turbo inlet adaptor, CNC machined hose couplers, and a silicone high flow inlet hose. Available in a choice of Black, Red, and Performance Blue, the TIA11 will not only increase your Hyundai’s performance, but it also transforms the look and aesthetics of your vehicle’s engine bay.


The size of the inlet elbow has increased by over 170% to maximise the amount of air that can physically flow to the turbo from the inlet tract. The OEM factory alloy cast elbow is small, so we knew that this would be the key component to target as tuners start to increase the boost levels and performance output of the 1.6l turbocharged combustion engine. As well as this, the plastic OEM inlet hose has ribs and steps within the bore, causing detrimental turbulence while disturbing and slowing the airflow. By removing the ribs and steps, the larger Forge Motorsport silicone turbo inlet hose reduces the amount of turbulence over the standard item, enabling better airflow.

Why do we use silicone?

In the development process we tested an oversized aluminium pipe and found that it started to show signs of heat soak, this had a detriment to the impressive initial power gains. We also found after the third pull on the Dyno, the alloy pipe conducted too much heat on this application and started to decrease the gains. When using silicone, heat cannot be conducted as well, therefore even after six pulls, the silicone hose stayed at a steady temperature and did not decrease the power whatsoever.

The inlet pipe fits directly to the factory airbox along with our FMINDK45 performance intake solution.

The turbo inlet adaptor improves your vehicles airflow in several ways; designed in a similar way to a conventional velocity stack, it routes the air directly into your turbo charger and allows more air to be compressed due to its larger capacity, this has a positive effect when accelerating your vehicle after long deceleration, or in-between gear changes, due to more air being kept within the intake system.

Dyno Results

Testing was completed using Performance Remap in Gloucester with their VTEC 4-wheel drive dynamometer, this was to ensure all our data is achieved with results as accurately as possible by an independent tuner.

As you can see from the dyno results below, peak power was increased from stock by nearly 7 BHP and 12NM of torque when mated to the OEM airbox and standard factory filter. The best news is that there are significant gains across the entire rev range, meaning that the car will pick up quicker and pull the whole way through to redline. TIA11 also benefits from a 17NM of power gain between 2500 RPM and 3000 rpm, this is right as the power comes in and can really change the feel and power delivery when behind the wheel.

To compliment the turbo inlet, it can be matched to our induction kit FMINDK45. As you can see below this gave an increase of 12BHP and a torque increase of 20NM both at peak. These two products really do complement each other superbly both in conjunction, and as standalone modifications. After installing a tuning box, or re-calibrating the ECU with stage one or two tunes, the performance yields can be expected to be a lot higher than the figures stated.

Testing on the dyno certainly represents the benefits from such a well-engineered product; this coupled with our Lifetime Warranty is just the reason to choose Forge for your Hyundai’s performance hardware.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeff Abad
Worth every penny

Installing the turbo inlet was challenging, as I’m newer to mods. But with patience and an extender, I was able to install this. With this intake, the turbo sounds great and loud too.

chris robichaud

Intake and Turbo Inlet Upgrade Elantra N Line 1.6T Smartstream / Kona N Line

alexandre maille
Must buy for smartstream engine

The turbo is now louder but it's really a pain in the a*** to install. It doesn't fit the stock bov recirculating tube so be sure to grab a go fast bits hybrid bov.
This is a must buy !!!

Thanks for your feedback!!
We do supply a cap for the intake so you can run the OEM BOV on the bypass valve attachment on the intake.

Josue Rosado
Ultra satisfying 💨

The amount of air that this Forge Intake inhales is insane. You can literally hear the air entering the Intake even with the windows up. And the sounds is so beautiful, the car sounds like a Jet now 🛫 and with the Turbo Inlet the turbo sounds more rich "without spooling" I'm using a K&N Cone Filter size 3, I tried it with the stock box filter but the Intake bends.
Installing the Turbo Inlet in the 2023 Hyundai Elantra N Line is a pain in your soul because of the small space you have, to work 😵 so be patient and the extension are your Best Friend for this 🙏🏽Good luck 🤙🏽

And Daniel if you read this! Thank you so much for the help 💪🏽😎
Best service 💯/10