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HT300 Turbocharger Upgrade for 1.6T Electric WG (300WHP+)

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 We have already installed this turbo, with a 25 PSI tune it made 291WHP! On 91 Octane Shell V-Power! This turbo has over 35,000KM of testing and R&D since the end of 2020.

This Turbo makes 22PSI at 6850RPM! It makes 24.5psi at 6100RPM! Simply put this turbo is a beast!


 K03/K04 Hybrid Turbo 300WHP+

We have already made 297WHP on pump gas without WMI. This turbo is capable of 330WHP+!

Fits Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2019-2021

Kia Forte GT 2020-CUR

Need more boost? Is your current turbo worn out? We have teamed up with the best turbo Rebuilder in Canada, to bring you these K03 turbo's packed with K04 internals!

We use arguably the best Turbo rebuilder in North America. We would NOT go with a Turbo Rebuilder who we did not have 150% trust with. Our rebuilder separates N75 Motorsports from other Shops.

Machined/Balanced and assembled right here in Canada! Making over 24psi at 6500rpm!


We are the FIRST Vendor in Canada to offer a turbo upgrade for the 1.6T GAMMA Engine! These turbos are EASILY capable of 300whp with a Wagner Tuning FMIC Kit and supporting mods! In Fact our Turbo rebuilder says to see a 30% increase in "Turbo Power" Your motor will be able to run higher PSI at higher RPM and thus make more power. Depending on fuel grade our tuning and mods, our tuner and turbo rebuilder are confident that this setup will make 300WHP, and it has! We said it would and it did!




This is the Turbo you WANT if you need a OEM Replacement! It is basically the same price as a replacement, yet has all the "Race Parts" Needed to not destroy your turbo when running on a Tune at high PSI!!

If this Turbo is too expensive for you, yet you still want a larger "Stuffed" Turbo, We will be listing a cheaper option soon. We do all the same work as we do this turbo, but leave the OEM turbine wheel (hot side). Upgraded Bearings / Upgraded billet compressor wheel over 51mm inlet, 45mm 9 blade exhaust side, the biggest internals we could STUFF into our turbo housing.

This Turbo Will Be able to make 290WHP-300WHP.  This Turbo will produce 10-15% more "Turbo Power" and will help hold higher boost at higher RPM. 

FBO is required. 












Please feel free to contact us at anytime! Facebook will get you the quickest response. 



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Todd Bowman
Simply Amazing !

A must have for the people that want a fast Forte GT ! lot's of work but WOW Impressed ! Thank your to Daniel and N75 for all there hard work ! PS. if you buy this you will need studs or take the old ones off the old turbo just a tip .