Kia Forte GT Downpipe Back Exhaust System Varex

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The best exhaust system for the Forte GT

I had the XForce paired with the downpipe without a tune and it was just insane!! I now have a tune (did by Daniel today) and I can assure you it worth it by any means !

Todd Bowman
Great Exhaust .

What a great exhaust looks and sounds great easy install and Dan and the guys got the product out ASAP . Great service thank you !

Juan E Pizarro
Best exhaust out there at the moment

This exhaust is amazing. The quality of build is impeccable and the install wasn’t too hard, took at most 2 hours or so. It takes some adjustability but once you have it how you want it, it looks really good. And the sound… the sound is deep, with gurgles and pops. When the valves are fully open, it’s obnoxiously drony on the highway but it’s hard to have a normal conversation with someone else. Nonetheless, if that’s a problem, just close the valves and it becomes as quiet as stock if not more for a smooth ride. Last but not least, N75 Motorsport and xforce have state of the art customer service. I 100% recommend it.