X1-Revolution OBD2 Multi Display Engine Monitor (Boost, AFR, IAT and more)

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Designed and developed in Australia

N75 Motorsports uses LUFI on all R&D Cars when not laptop logging

OBD2 Installation! No wiring to the engine bay needed! This unit automatically turns on with ignition and shuts off when you turn the car off. 

On a Hyundai Elantra GT N Line (Our R&D car)

  This product can be reused on future cars, it also can display much more on VWs, Ford's, Mazda's. Special features which normal PIDs are not supported. However buy one of these and you can use it in all your cars, this is a great device to diagnose issues with your engine as you can see engine data live as you drive. Lufi X1 Revolution is a fantastic product, even gives non "N" users the N style shift light. 

 Used by us on our test / development car so we always have the information required during testing and development to aid us in making better tunes and product's. The response of this display is very good, next to a laptop logging screen, this is as best as it gets to display engine performanceALL of our R&D Cars run a LUFI when we are not laptop logging, this product does so much for so little it doesn't make sense for us not to use them.

If you are having disconnection issues, please adjust your power settings under user settings, On and Off. Thank you. The 2017-2018 Elantra Sport seems to have an OBD issue when driving for long trips, we believe the port loses power for a split second and disconnects the unit. We have seen this on only the Elantra Sport 2017-2018. All other vehicles do not have an issue. EK1 Pro also has disconnect issues on this car. We now found out their is a CAN software issue with some North American ES' your dealership may be able to flash an updated file. Disconnection issues are not a fault of the display. (This is how we found out about this issue through the EK1)

OBD2 Multi Display can display boost pressure, RPM, Intake Air Temp, Ignition timing, Baro Pressure, Acceleration G, Time Attack, Coolant Temp, Time, Lap Monitor, Air fuel ratio, Short and Long term fuel trim, basically any PID over OBD! With the added track features like acceleration timer, track timer. This can also read and clear DTCs! Great product at a low price.

This display also features a shift lift with the Red LEDs on the top, or any colored LEDs for shift light. Even performance blue!

Almost a must for the track, with Alarms if specs get out of control like Coolant temperature, boost and more, so if something fails while on track, you will get an audio and visual warning. Giving you the confidence to keep your eyes on the track while X1 monitors your engine. 

This is great add-on to any tuned car, even stock with bolt on's to constantly monitor engine performance. All in real time, with no messy wiring connections needed into the engine bay, this connects right to your OBD2 Port and makes installation a breeze!

Highly recommended for the more advanced enthusiast.

Customer Reviews

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Lufi x1

Very pleased with purchase. Nice to be able to view many parameters. To bad hyundia does not track oil pressure though. But that's no fault of the guage.

Joseph lewis
Lufi digital gauge display

Awesome. Tells me all engine meters. Boost, Temps, voltage, AFR, and will read engine codes. And customize colors and screen setup. On hyundai no oil pressure or oil temp readings

Adriano De Luca
X1-Revolution OBD2 Review

Very happy with the product does exactly what I needed it to (read boost and other temps) only downside which you guys have no real control over was it fell the first day i bought it because it was a hot day and the tape unstuck and the manevur thing is loose so it just hangs, no biggy. And the other thing is the OBD2 scanner for fault codes is veryy inaccurate, i compared to other obd2 scanners and this one is showing up multiple codes every time i searched.

Please email us at, the DTC read is very accurate, we have tested this, I am not sure what is going on but we can help you. The tape can happen if the area is not clean or has some dash cleaner. We have seen that, we suggest alcohol swaps before application. We are working on adding them to the kit.

chris robichaud

great data logger

Nice monitor

Great display and lots of customization. Read and clear DTC/CEL and almost no delay. Draw backs I noticed are the cord that has to be routed somewhere out of the way and the shift LED’s are a bit hard to see with the sun on it but you can still read the normal display. As another person mentioned it’s held with 2 sided tape, it’s 3m and mine seems fine. It doesn’t move while driving even on rough roads. As always n75 service is great.