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N Performance Steering Wheel Alcantara (Elantra N)

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Genuine Hyundai N Performance Parts  

100% Authentic Alcantara

Comes with Sonax brush and Alcantara cleaner.

Fits; 2022-CUR Hyundai Elantra N

 Heated element pre-installed for heated wheel cars.

Upgrade your OEM Steering look with OEM Hyundai N Performance parts, with stitching in Performance Blue, this Alcantara wheel will change your cars look and feel.

This is the highest quality steering wheel replacement money can buy, nothing is made in China, everything is OEM Hyundai. Everything N Performance is extremely high quality and made in Korea.


Upgrade your interior with a fully Alcantara steering wheel from Hyundai's Motorsports division! And because your ordering from N75 Motorsports, you get our favorite car care products FREE! That's right, a free Alcantara Sonax brush and Sonax Alcantara cleaning foam! The absolute best Alcantara care products available.


What is the one of only thing you see while driving your ride? Your steering wheel! People upgrade their wheels but forget the most important wheel, the steering wheel! Upgrade your wheel today and forget about the worn out leather from factory cost cutting, get the real deal Alcantara N Performance Steering Wheel.






100% Authentic Alcanta


100% Authentic N Performance Parts















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Amazing quality, makes driving the Elantra N even more fun.