Oil Cooler Kit (6SPD and DCT)

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Hyundai Kona N

Hyundai Elantra N  (small mod to ran shroud needed)


All models fit 6SPD and DCT.

Product Description

Developed, designed, and influenced from our direct involvement with BTCC and success with the Hyundai i30N, we are proud to release an oil cooling solution for the Hyundai Kona N, Elantra N and Veloster N.

This oil cooler radiator is lifted straight from our motorsport department, so we know that this product performs well, and has been proven in several race events and winning vehicles over the past years. The cores are durable enough to last full race seasons and are perfect for fast road and track use. The cooler has now also been utilised in both of our other Hyundai oil cooling solutions and cleverly redesigned for a 100% plug and play solution for the Kona N.

During our time developing world leading products for the Kona N, we found a significant flaw with the vehicle, especially when tuned, just as we did with the I30N. Oil temperatures can climb to dangerous levels when on track or when driven hard in hotter climates. Rising oil temperatures will result in only one outcome: a reduction of sufficient lubrication of your engines internal components, which, in due course, can potentially lead to engine damage.

We saw oil temperatures reduce significantly during the development of this product when locating the oil cooler heat exchanger at the front of the vehicle’s radiator grill, this allowed for superior air flow. FMOC14 is a must-have product for the keen driver to protect their vehicles longevity, and perform safely and reliably.

Unlike many oil cooler kits on the market, FMOC keeps the factory oil to water cooler in position - this essentially doubles your engines oil cooling. This product is not to be confused with a universal oil cooler, FMOC has a laser cut aluminium bracket which makes for perfect fitment to the Elantra N, Veloster N and Kona N. The kit is completely bespoke for this vehicle, with perfect length braided oil lines and our intelligent sandwich plate design making for a straightforward installation. The oil cooler is also designed to be mounted in the most efficient way possible as shown in the diagram below. This is to avoid oil cavitation which can also in some cases lead to potential engine damage over a long period of time.

Manufactured in Gloucester, UK, FMOC is made to the uppermost standard and is backed up by the Forge Motorsport lifetime warranty.

The kit comes with the following:
1x Forge Aluminium sandwich plate
1x Twin pass oil cooler 
4x M6x20 fasteners
4x M6 washers
2x Oil lines 
4x M6 Rubber Riv nuts
1x M20x1.5 adaptor
1x weather strip
All the fixings required and a comprehensive fitting guide

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Hodgins
Great oil cooler

Fit this to my 23 dct EN after experiencing some exceptionally hot oil temps on track. The install took some light modification to the interior bumper cover but nothing too major. After the install oil temps drstically dropped. Pre oil cooler temps: 130*c + after just a couple laps. After oil cooler: temps peaked at 110 and never got any higher regardless of how many laps i did. Definitely worth the purchase!