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Polyurethane Exhaust Hanger

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NOTE: Will not fit Xforce Kia Forte GT

Designed to be OEM replacement

Upgrading your exhaust system? Exhaust hangers are often overlooked. We have these stylish and effective hangers in stock and available for you. Reasons why we suggest them below.


Price Per pair of 2 Hangers

These hangers are designed to be tight for minimal exhaust movement.

A80 Rigidity 


The main reason why you should replace your hangers.

Exhaust system movement is something overlooked by motorsports enthusiasts. You're exhaust system is obviously attached to your turbo/engine, when on the track, with OEM bushings, your exhaust system is swinging from side to side disturbing weight distribution, effecting handling. This is obviously a small amount of disturbance in handling, however it is completely avoidable with these hangers. Remember, most exhaust systems including exhaust, weight around 60LBS, that's a 60LBS pendulum swinging underneath the car!! This is one reason why these are so good!


Another reason why we suggest these.

These Poly hangers reduce exhaust system movement. Avoid your exhaust tips from hitting your bumper when under hard acceleration. These bushings are a must for anyone who is replacing their exhaust system! 


Xforce catbacks can sit low, stretching OEM bushings, this aids with this as well. 


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers, highly recommended when replacing your OEM exhaust with a performance replacement! 


Believe it or not, on the Elantra GT (i30 SR) platform, 2 hangers at the rear muffler do a world of a difference from OEM. Naturally replacing all will ensure zero movement, however we suggest two to start with these rear bushings. 


Made custom for N75 MotorSports and comes only in Performance Blue!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Nice product, goid price

Great product

N75 provided a great product

Raymond L
Perfect for Soul turbo

remove allthe play,after 4 year it have 5inch of play,not anymore Thank you for the great product
On the other hand it fit soso on VN

Nicholas Martin
Stops exhaust movement

After installing my xforce system I found that it wobbles a fair bit due to the soft factory hangers. Changing out just one of the hangers to one of these eliminated this excessive movement. They’re a nice tight fit. Had my order shipped overseas in about a week, can’t fault the speediness of n75.