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Extremely powerful product, in our opinion the only product you can spent under $100 dollars on and actually notice a significant difference in power.

 Great for new cars which dealerships will fill up on 87. add a little of this and you will be beyond 94 Octane. Add the full can and turn your fuel into race gas. (100+ Octane)

This additive will take 91 Octane and turn it into over 110 Octane Race Gas without issue, Perfect for track days. With the convenience of keeping a small can in your trunk and adding it whenever you wish. This will bring your engine alive. No matter which motor or car you own, it will run far better. This is a product we fully stand behind, this results this product creates is extradentary.

Great for Dyno days, track days, or when bad fuel is in your area. If you notice you car is pulling ignition time, this will cure it.

Unleaded formula!

Dyno Tested! Proven to work! YouTube Race Gas Ultra! This product is not a gimmick, this product works well and is great for people running high boost levels! Your car will come alive with this and a tune! See Dyno Testing Charts against Race fuel (110 Octane).

No high octane fuel around where you live? Want to Run a high octane fuel Tune/Piggyback Map? This is you answer! Small enough to keep in your trunk, Strong enough to turn pump fuel into over 100 Octane fuel with no problem.

Product Description

RACE-GAS ULTRA Fuel Concentrate makes up to 112 Octane Fuel out of Pump Gas

Motorsports Fuel and Equipment, makers of RACE-GAS Race Fuel Concentrate are proud to announce the release of RACE-GAS ULTRA Race Fuel Concentrate! When blended to the proper ratio, RACE GAS ULTRA transforms ordinary pump gasoline into high octane, high energy, track grade racing fuel. RACE GAS ULTRA will keep you from ever running out of racing fuel. Don't be fooled by 'octane boost' that raises octane by a few points, you want to raise it by whole numbers!


RACE-GAS ULTRA is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, boosted or nitrous engines. ULTRA, when mixed with pump gasoline, will create racing fuel with octane between 108 and 112 r+m/2. Like our original product, ULTRA increases the octane, chemical oxygen and chemical energy of the fuel to equal commercially distilled racing fuel.


RACE-GAS ULTRA is a much different formula than original RACE-GAS. “In testing we found the requirements of very high compression engines were different than engines with lower compression or lower boost. We needed to create a formula that could achieve the high octane while still meeting our requirements of high chemical energy and high chemical oxygen in a consistent and predictable way. We chose to use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals and to avoid using alcohols or naphthalene which don’t meet our design standards” said Dan Muldowney.


“When we did our engine dyno testing we did “like for like” testing against commercial racing fuel. We first did a series of “pulls” with commercial racing fuel. We then drained the fuel and fuel rail and added RACE-GAS ULTRA blended with pump gas. We then repeated the test. We did not change the engine set up or tune during testing” said Dan. “We found that we were able to create the same horse power and torque as commercial racing fuel and that the fuel performed consistently under different conditions.”


Is RACE GAS safe for my engine? RACE GAS has been laboratory tested and race proven to perform in any gasoline-powered engine. We have burned RACE GAS in everything from a 944 Turbo race car, a modified Audi TT, a Hemi Magnum, a Hemi Challenger, and modified VW R32, a Corvette and many other cars. All showed increases in power, throttle response and torque, (you can see the dyno test results of many of these cars on the test results page at www.race-gas.com).

1 Can RACE-GAS ULTRA + 4 gallons of 89 = 4 gallons of 108 Octane R+M/2

1 Can RACE-GAS ULTRA + 4 gallons of 91 = 4 gallons of 110 Octane R+M/2

1 Can RACE-GAS ULTRA + 4 gallons of 93 = 4 gallons of 112 Octane R+M/2

Visit race-gas.com for their Blending Guide.

Customer Reviews

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Holy smokes it actually works

I bought a can of this for my Stinger, didn't think it would do much, but my god bless it feels like I got a tune after driving for about 45KM.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for some extra power!