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ECU Calibration Veloster Turbo 2 / Forte GT /KONA 1.6T (Remote Tuning)

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Tunes developed in Canada by N75 Motorsports 🇨🇦

 This Tune has made over 250whp on the OEM turbo and over 300wtq on the OEM turbo. Close to 300whp on our turbo. We also powered a VT2 on WMI to 13.571@104.31MPH on this tune with the OEM turbo and FMIC! 

We have a waiting list for this tune, we appreciate your patience, we are trying to expand our remote tuning equipment, however there is a shortage of one item right now which we are waiting for. Currently a 1-2 week wait is required for a remote tune. 

  DYNO Video


Introducing to the KDM community another first, Remote tuning for the 2nd Gen Veloster Turbo, Kia Forte GT, and Hyundai Kona 1.6T. We use a direct ECU connection, an OEM ECU harness which is completely plug and play, this hooks up to an OBD2 Port, which hooks up to our tools and into a laptop! All you need to do is, unplug your OEM ECU harness, plug in ours, Install TeamViewer and let us do the rest.

N75 Motorsports is committed to providing the KDM community with firsts which do not exist like this system! Now anyone with a VT2 ForteGT/Forte5 anyone can get a tune! No matter where you are! A $500 CDN or $400USD deposit is required for our tools, this deposit will be returned immediately after we receive the tools. The tools are worth more than this, but we are trying to help the community, and understand this is a large deposit.  Please understand these tools are not cheap, we are trying to help others, we ask for the bare minimum deposit for our tools, it does not even cover the case they are shipped in. We would like to thank all our customers for handling our tools as if they were their own. We truly appreciate this, and we have never had an issue with any of our remote tuning hardware mainly due to our customers!

 We now offer a rental laptop if you do not have a laptop, there is a $99 dollar rental fee and $200 CDN Deposit required for the rental laptop. We charge a fee for rental laptop because of shipping and duties required. Naturally shipping a laptop will cause damage to the HDD over time, we use Panasonic Toughbook, and will be changing it if we deem it cannot do the job. At N75 Motorsports we do everything possible to get our customers tunes, including laptop rental, when you do not have a Windows PC to use!



Before buying a Tune, Please email us at tunes@n75motorsports.ca or contact us through Facebook or Instagram, Thank you

Developed and Tuned in Canada By N75 Motorsports.









NOTE: You must be in the GTA or within 1 hour of Parry Sound, or anywhere in between if you can work with us on time (Weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) OTHERWISE we will rent you equipment with your tune and guide you through it. You must have a windows 10 laptop, older version may work but we are unaware for the hardware we rent! We are based in Mississauga and Parry Sound, mostly Mississauga, willing to drive to tune your car however if it's far that might come with additional charges. Please Email us at tunes@n75motorsports.com - We have a sales rep in California who can flash your car in California. We also have a Hyundai Tech in Virginia who can also flash your car with our tune!! PM or email us for more detiails!!

We know tuners out there are targeting up to 26 PSI.... THIS IS NOT SMART. Our stock turbos are far to small to be spinning up to 26 PSI. Numerous people in the community have blown up their turbos on these tunes, We wonder why? At 26 psi on a K03 turbo, that turbo is literally glowing red under the hood if you could see it at night. (after hard passes). So we would rather tune for reliability then the biggest WHP # That's what our big turbo kit is for!



We can add the pop map into any tune at no charge. We do not get the "pop" sound by dumping fuel, we pull ignition timing at the right time and the result is a I30N like pop-pop-pop when you get off the gas and rev hang in any gear, they typically are loudest around 4000-5000rpm 


SOFT Tune (Daily Driver)  

Expect to see 200whp on a car with an intake.

Another first for the KDM community, we are developing a "Soft" Tune which is designed to be used with no mods. We slightly lift boost, and leave ignition timing at stock settings along with VVT. We suggest 91 octane fuel, and a Catch Can. This Tune is NOT designed to blow your socks off, it's alternative to piggybacks that fool ECU's. If you were to ask us which is the best piggyback system, we would definitely say JB4 because of its OBD2 connection. (it knows what is going on inside the ECU, whereas all other just fool sensors) We offer a discount on future upgrade Tunes with purchase of this tune, we understand that tuning is not cheap. HKS M40XL or NGK 1422 or better will work fine with this tune. 

(We suggest a OCC on a stock tune)

(We suggest a EBCS on stock tune, our R&D data logging found 1-2psi increase in boost on stock tune, also a more steady boost level, on 3 vehicles, R&D in Canada and Australia)

91 Octane Tune:
Will target between 21- 23psi with Axle back, FMIC and intake 230whp. Moderate Timing advance, VVT adjustment.  FBO This tune has made 250whp

Requires: Race Valve, Shell V-Power with Zero Ethanol. 90/10 Fuel is Junk, 3rd party tests has proved 90/10 Premium Fuel is closer to 85-15. The issue with Ethanol is water. Ethanol loves water, and will absorb any moisture from the holding tank to the pumps to your gas tank. avoid it. HKS M45XL Required or heat range 9 equivalent NGK Race Series 

100 Octane Tune:
Will target 25psi. Aggressive Ignition timing advance, VVT adjustment. 

With a full catless exhaust and a Wagner Tuning FMIC, the car will make 255-265whp.

Our 100 Octane tune REQUIRES full exhaust, FMIC, HKS M45XL, Race Valve. Full bolt on's / we suggest either always running Shell 91 and Boostane Professional, or buy our kit which allows you to change maps. Running this map as a daily driver even on race gas will slowly wear our your turbo quicker as the bearings inside were not designed for the RPM needed to make 23psi. 

Tune Requirements

Soft tune: OCC, HKS M40XL or NGK 1422, Wastegate solenoid valve (to get the most out of the tune)

91 tune: We tune on Shell 91 V-Power, OCC, HKS M45XL, Wastegate solenoid (for same reason as listed above)

100 tune Shell 91 with a full can of Race Gas Ultra (or VP Race fuel like MS109) OCC, HKS M45XL or NGK Racing Series R2556B-9 or 10, (NGK Racing Series are the best plugs available on the market, also about 200 dollars for a set of 4) any GFB BOV.

Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Tune:

We offer a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Turbo upgrade. Stage 1 is a larger K04 Compressor Billet wheel over 51mm inducer!

Then we have our big upgrade tune which will target 25 PSI and make approx. Our turbo makes 300whp with a catless exhaust and our FMIC kit.


Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2




PLEASE NOTE: We suggest a catless exhaust on our pop tune, it is not required, but highly recommended, a 200 Cell high flow cat will also work. Our 300 Cell G-Sport high flow cat can handle all the pops and bangs we give it.


Customer Reviews

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Jason Bauknecht
Send It

I mean, is there anything negative I can say about this tune? Absolutely not, Coming from a JB4 to this is a night and day difference. JB4 showed inconsistent boost peaks and stutter here or there under full throttle. Daniels tune does no such thing. The tune literally pulls thru all gears smoothly and strong AF. Did I mention the customer service? By far one of, if not the best vendors to deal with. Friendly, personable and knows his crap.

Brennan Livingstone
Good Tune, Good Pricing and Great Customer service

Recently had my 2019 Veloster turbo remote tuned by Daniel at N75 Motorsports. The results were pretty amazing! The tuning process was super simple as Daniel does it all remotely. Pricing was more than reasonable and all of my question were answered before, during and after the tune. There was no waiting a day for a reply as Daniel always replied instantly or with in the hour. I will be doing more business at N75 Motorsports with out a doubt.

Michael Bilavarn
remote tuning

Great customer service. Great tuning! couldn’t ask for more. Daniel was very helpful, easy to work with, answers all your questions through out the whole remote tuning. everything just went smooth. A+ 👌🏼

tyler bryant charter
best tune out there

I got tuned by Daniel a few weeks ago and before writing this review I wanted to test out the car etc. well since then the car has been amazing! Daniel has done an amazing job on communicating with me and even helping me! the car though is a whole new beast! the car is tuned for E30 and will soon be on meth, which I found out Daniel already optimized it for meth which is awesome! I can't wait to continue the journey with these guys and get the car to its full potential! thanks from the good old USA🤘