RPF1 18x7.5 ET48 Veloster N Track Wheel for OEM Brakes

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These wheels just clear OEM Brakes, perfectly suited for lowering your Veloster N or track use as they are the smallest and lightest 18" wheel available at just over 16lbs!

39.5LBS WITH 235/40/18 PS4S tire!


Every 1lbs of unsprung weight is equal to 20lbs of vehicle weight. 

Used by us on our development car.

Perfect replacement for Veloster N wheels, weigh only 16.7lbs!

Includes Metal Hub Rings

Ultra light weight wheels will not only increase acceleration but increase handling as well, replace you OEM Wheels with these and your Veloster N will be a different car. For owners who want the most out of their Veloster N, these wheels with good tires will do it. (Larger wheels are lighter than smaller wheels and bigger tires, for example this setup is 3lbs lighter than the same setup in 18", this is why we highly recommend these for track users)

Racing Series

Made in Japan


    (The Enkei RPF1 is Special Order only)


    The twin spokes on the Enkei RPF1 achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving.

    CENTER DESIGN: Enkei’s pocket design around the bolt circles increases rigidity and keeps the wheel cooler during aggressive race driving.

    MAT PROCESS: Shaping by the MAT process reduces wheel weight by 10%-15%. Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing overall vehicle weight by 20lbs.

    • Sizes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18  (Cap not included 15×8-18×10.5, no cap available for 14×7 and 15×7)
    • Available Silver, Gold, Black, SBC (special order)
    • Spec-E Inspected
    • MAT Technology

    Enkei MAT Technology       Made in Japan Wheels

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