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Upsized Veloster N/I30N/Kona N Turbo Discharge Pipe (Hot Pipe Upgrade)

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Fits Both 6SPD and DCT Models

Production pictures, our final units will be coated.

Made and designed in Canada by N75 Motorsports

Increasing the size of the hot pipe on the Veloster N has massive benefits, increased flow and reduced IAT (very slight but present in logging)

Smoother airflow through the Hotpipe reduces turbulence, increasing the flow from the Turbo to the FMIC. 

Our pipe is 2.5" perfectly suited for Hybrid Turbos and Elantra N turbos. This pipe comes with T Clamps and is a OEM replacement.

Options for OEM FMIC and larger FMIC. 

What is the difference between the N75 Motorsports Hotpipe and every other hotpipe upgrade available?

Simple. Our Hotpipe does not have a unnecessary kink in the piping, we found that a specific coupler can be make to make the appropriate bend needed to connect the pipe to the intercooler. What does this mean? This mean air does not need to take an unnecessary direction change, reducing any flow change increases flow restriction. No matter how you look at it, and bend it a flow restriction, and because we were able to avoid 1 no other manufacturer has? Gives this pipe a flow edge over ALL competitors. DEI Reflectagold is extra insurance only we offer.

Works with Wagner Tuning FMIC, Forge FMIC, CSF Bishmoto FMIC and OEM.

Benefits include

-Better throttle response (reinforced silicone couplers with solid piping does not stretch like OEM, this results in better throttle response)

-Lower IAT (expanding air from the turbocharger drops IAT, slightly but present)

-Port matched FMIC (aftermarket FMICs use a 2.5 in Inlet, this pipe port matches it which increases flow, resulting in more power)

We are currently working on a hot pipe for the Elantra N. Along with Intake systems. 

If ordering for CSF Bishmoto FMIC, please select OEM as CSF uses OEM pipe sizing. 

If ordering for Forge, Wagner, SXTH, please select aftermarket. 

DEI Reflectagold is added insurance to maintain performance on track. 

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