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I30N / Veloster N Shock Canceller

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Removes fault on N Series cars when converting to coilovers

Electronic Suspension Control cancellation units

Eliminates the error codes or suspension service lights often associated with removing your factory electronic dampers

Cancellation kits eliminate persistent trouble codes that exist when upgrading a suspension on a vehicle with electronically adaptive dampers. KW is the only manufacturer that offers the solutions where the serial damper regulation is shut down and at the same time trouble codes avoided. The functioning of the of the control unit remains completely intact. The ESC modules prevent error messages when changing the suspension and the standard damper control is disabled and while at the same time, error messages are prevented. The function of the control unit is fully retained.

  • Prevents error messages caused by removing factory electronic dampers.
  • Maintains functionality of in-cabin drive modes when factory electronics dampers are removed.
  • Made in Germany


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Illya Church

Great product