Wagner Tuning Intercooler 1.6T

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We now discount ECU tuning for Wagner Tuning FMIC buyers by 15%. Starting March 14th / 2022.


Elantra Sport
Elantra GT N Line
Elantra GTS
Veloster Turbo 2
Forte GT

We have logged this intercooler against other performance replacements, universal and direct fit, it performs the best from all our data. It beats our own V2.2 FMIC kit by 7 degrees. This Core shows zero sign of heat soak, even on a 300whp Bigger Turbo 1.6T

This is a competition Racing Intercooler,  simply put, it is the best available for our platform. Perfectly suited for track day's, Big turbos, or even just a to unleash your tunes full potential, this will bolt on 25whp-30whp on a tuned vehicle. Expect 10whp+ on a OEM Tuned Vehicle.

This kit comes with a full Aero Guide which helps bring even more cold air into the large intercooler core. Wagner Tuning thought of everything with this kit, with the highest level of engineering available (CAD Design, 3D Scanning, pressure drop vs oem, temp probes on the Turbo and Intercooler). 
We ensure the correct coupler for the correct car! So this kit is a direct replacement!! Kit includes half the Hot Pipe (Up-sized to 2.5" to the inlet of the intercooler!)  and correct sized coupler for OEM Cold Pipe.




Made In Germany

CAD Designed to optimize Internal Flow and reduce Back Pressure

The WAGNERTUNING high-performance intercooler has got a new competition core (tube fin) with the dimensions 580 mm x 120 mm x 150 mm + 580 mm x 62 mm x 70 mm (stepped core: 12,96 liters) / 22,83Inch x 4,72Inch x 5,9Inch + 22,83Inch x 2,44Inch x 2,76Inch (stepped core: 790,87Inch³). This high-performance core offers an 60 % larger frontal surface and 118 % more core volume compared to the stock intercooler.

The aluminum cast endtanks were designed in CAD and optimized in CFD simulations (for an ideal internal airflow). The result is a excellent cooling property with a minimal back pressure. The newly developed performance core provides the adjoining components (for example the watercooler) enough air flow by using a specially prepared air baffle. That`s why this kit is perfect for racing use. An optimal cooling effect of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

An anti-corrosion powder coating with perfect heat-conducting properties protects the WAGNERTUNING intercooler from all environmental influences, so a lasting and optimal cooling effect can be guaranteed. The installation is done by replacing the original intercooler and is easy to perform (plug and play). All our products are subject to a continuous quality monitoring.

Inlet diameter: Ø65 mm ; Outlet diameter Ø65 mm

Details stock intercooler:
V = 5,94 L / 362,48Inch³
A = 660 cm² / 102,3Inch²

Details WAGNERTUNING intercooler:
V = 12,96 L / 790,87Inch³ (+118%)
A = 1055 cm² / 163,53Inch² (+60%)

This kit comes with:
1 intercooler
2 silicone hoses (black)
1 air baffle
1 mounting material
1 installation instruction 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hot weather upgrade

The best upgrade you can do for reliable power in hot summer weather. Did have to trim radiator shroud. Installed on Elantra GT Sport DCT.

Todd Bowman
Very nice product !

Great product fits amazing you do have to trim the outer rad shrouds though but no worries . Great service too but never received a discount on my tuning . I would suggest this product for all the Forte GT owners !!

Jonathan Mullins
Perfect fit for the 2021 Veloster RSpec

Over twice the size of OEM and easy install. No additional sanding, drilling or cutting required. Get it while you can! One step closer to getting this pretty lady tuned up to wake even the dead!

Luis Rodriguez
Wagner competition Fmic

Definitely must get mod, works to perfection and it’s a perfect fit. 2020 forte GT

Michael Hickman
Insanely good

My car is one piece away from fbo and this intercooler is a crazy improvement. I took a two hour drive the other day and didn’t observe intake temps 15f higher then the outside temps. It works great for cooling and helps the car pull harder. Would highly recommend