Whiteline Heavy Duty Lower Engine Bushing

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One of the best upgrades for you dollar on KDM Vehicles. 

Whiteline # KDT970M 

Very similar to Powerflex Race at a far better price. 

Dollar for dollar one of the best mods available for our vehicles in our opinion

FIts all "N" Models

Fits Almost every Hyundai - Veloster N - N Line - ES  - Elantra N - Kona N -Elantra N Line - Kona N Line - Veloster Turbo 1/2 NAV - Elantra.
Fits Kia Forte GT, Kia Forte5 and other Kia models 
The torque arm assists in controlling the engine and drivetrain forward and aft twisting motion. The torque arm is inherently soft due to the high compliance rubber bushing design and was built for comfort and not responsiveness or feel. Whiteline's torque arm mount bushing is built to handle the demands of high torque and power output engines by limiting the amount of movement the engine and drivetrain will place upon the pitch stop. Utilising low compliance bushing technology this eliminates the slop, twisting and shudder found in the OEM rubber bushings allowing for a faster, positive, responsive feel of power delivery on and off the throttle.
Kits Required: 1
Warranty: 3 Year/ 60,000Km's
Kit Contents: 2 Bushings, Install Guide
Install Guide: Download Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
jamie gouchie
Noticeable difference

Super easy install with a very noticeable difference in wheel hop reduction!

Hector Manuel Mendez Ruiz

Good quality!!

Mario Venditti
Seems a little more responsive. Def a little added vibration which was expected

I was skeptical that changing these bushings would drastically change my 0 to 60 time and eliminate all wheel hop. And I was correct, I would recommend installing them but it's not a magic bullet. Also definitely have some more NVM but nothing crazy.

Wheel hop mostly gone

Installed on Elnatra N, 90%of wheel hops are gone. That 10% is when you slam the gas pedal when the road is wet or dusty. Otherwise the car hooks up very well, it feels more planted.
DCT Shifting feels even more smoother and reponsive.

Here are some downside to me,
It does add significant NVH when engine start, idling in N/sport mode, rolling in any mode including reverse.
Other than these situations, cruising at speed, idling in normal/eco mode(engine warmed up) is totally fine.
It's a little bit too much to my taste as I use my car as daily with lots of stopping in traffic, so it vibrates eveytime I roll off. I do enjoy the positive changes a lot, but I will have to swapped it with soemthing softer for my wife and daughter.

Dylan Herz
Lower engine bushing

Works great. Removes most of the wheel hop. Adds slight vibration to the car though.