Xforce Mid Pipe (Cat / Resonator Delete) For Hyundai / KIA 1.6T Chassis (OEM Performance Replacement)

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X Force Mid-pipe - 2019 Veloster Turbo

Installed this pipe along with my borla axle back. Had to be done at a shop because after trying to install, the pipe would either hang too low or too high where it would hit the gas tank. The shop had to actually cut and weld the pipes to attach to the axle back. Overall though I am very happy with the product and the results. Might be a little too loud for some people but I think if you keep it under 2k RPM you should be fine.

The VT2 is the only car we have very tight fitment. modded VT2 is even worse lol. But glad you like it!

Xforce Midpipe

Vraiment un beau son, un peu de drone sur l’autoroute même avec l’échappement d’origine

Alex Eastman
Easy install

This mid pipe definitely wakes up my 18 elantra sport. Install only took a couple of hours (most of the time busting out rusty bolts) but the install process was super simple.

The added tone along with my takeda intake sounds amazing with stock muffler. The pops and gurgles on Rev are just an added bonus! Overall very satisfied with the product, the sound, and ease of install. It wasn't until I went back to this listing, that it says to use exhaust cement to seal the mid section...I was wondering why the provided clamp wouldn't seal it. It's already installed, but play to go get some JB weld and seal it up tomorrow, just be aware you WILL need exhaust sealer like they clearly state.

Thanks n75 for the best price and products!!

Scares all the dogs

This mid pipe gives you immediate performance. Turbo spools up alot faster with less restriction. 2020 kia forte gt 6spd pulls all the way to redline with no issues. Now the bad without the cat and res there's a great deal of drone. Its also obnoxiously loud with my AFE muffler delete. Will be reinstalling my factory muffler to tame some of the noise. Absolutely love the extra power but hate the loudness. Took 30 to install. Hardest part is fighting the old rusted bolts that once were 18mm on the flex pipe. Pa winters play hell on exhaust parts. Would recommend if the noise isn't a issue.

With factory muffler you will love it! Straight pipe is very loud without resonators.

Dennis Simms

Sounds amazing with burbles. Paired it with my Hyundai performance axle back. Note on installation silicone is needed for pipe joint. In case instructions don’t come in box like mine