A look inside Wagner Tuning FMIC Upgrade like you have never seen before!

A look inside Wagner Tuning FMIC Upgrade like you have never seen before!

Take a look inside a Wagner Tuning FMIC Upgrade and allow us to explain why we think its the best upgrade for the 1.6T/2.0T platform!

First not in the picture, Wagner uses a full aero guide, this helps bring 25-35% more air into the front of the core of the FMIC! Extra air = Extra cool!

Next is the large end tanks. The large end tanks are key in any FMIC Upgrade. What happens in the end tanks is the airflow takes a 90 degree sharp turn, having a large end tank that can hold as much air, and distribute that air evenly though the core is key, as you can see in the picture Wagner end tanks target most air flow through larges area of the core, then the smallest, however even at the smallest point in the core, the end take is still large compared to industry standards. 

We then must look at the Tube and Fin Core construction designed per vehicle. Wagner Tuning uses CAD airflow design for EACH core for EACH vehicle. So even though the 1.6T and 2.0T core looks the same (from the outside) just with different end tanks? Believe us, we have seen both and it is not!! The 1.6T hot side looks completely different from the 2.0T hot side (the core it self looks the same from the outside!).  Now some will say Tube and Fin core construction is old tech, well it is not "old" tech, its simply different tech. While most manufactures choose a bar and plate core, Wagner goes with this design for a few reasons, 1 it is lighter, 2 it flows far better than bar and plate 3 it does not hold back air flow into the engine/rad.

Add everything together, with the fact we have already made 300whp on the 1.6T (with IAT's dropping while at WOT on the dyno!) we can safely say the 1.6T core will support 400whp while the 2.0T core should be able to do 450whp, going off hours upon hours of logs of both. We compared this FMIC upgrade against others available at the time, it performed the best by far.

Wagner Tuning has never been redesigned for the same application. You will not buy a Wagner and find out another product performs better (at least definitely not on the 1.6T)

At N75 Motorsports, for Hyundai KIA we recommend Wagner Tuning FMIC Upgrades, we do tune development on Wagner Tuning for the 1.6T/2.0T/3.3TT. We know where our strong side is, we know where our weak side is, simply we do not have the R&D and Development facility needed to design and manufacture a competitive product. For this reason we suggest Wagner for Hyundai / KIA and do all development on their product as we believe there is no better option available for our cars, not to mention Wagner Tuning has a solution for nearly every Turbo Hyundai KIA ever made. 

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