Canada's Most Powerful Veloster N, Coming Soon!!!

Canada's Most Powerful Veloster N, Coming Soon!!!

When KDMBECCA came to us for Hybrid Turbo services and tuning, we knew right away, as soon as we tune this Veloster N? We're tuning the most powerful Veloster N in Canada!

After countless hours of tuning we finally have zero cuts, zero issues! 

We now await the installation of her WMI kit so we can push timing and boost, but the data is clear, our Turbocharger holds solid boost levels at and near OEM redline. We also added 7K shift to her car, so we can make as much power as possible!!

Fuel trims in check, this car is running amazing!

Take a look at our data of her car! We are hoping this car makes 350WHP+!

Our development car is set for a stuffed EN turbo set to make 400WHP+!

And 1 must remember N75 WHP is not regular WHP! This is reliable power! We will soon offer bolt on kits to take your OEM Veloster N to 350WHP or 400+WHP with not only turbos and tuning, but exhaust, intake, intercooler, the whole nine yards!!! Like we have kits for the 1.6T Engine, our power kits are dyno tested and proven to make power. Our kits come with everything you need to make this power safely.





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